70 phrases for babies and newborns: beautiful messages to dedicate

The birth of a baby in a family is usually a time of joy and joy, and it is customary to celebrate it with messages of love and good wishes for the newborn or parents.

70 phrases for babies and newborns: beautiful messages to dedicate
In this article we make a selection of the best phrases for babies and newborns, ideal to dedicate and welcome the new family member with messages of affection and affection.

These are the most beautiful and special phrases for babies that you can dedicate to family and friends who receive a new member in the family.

1. Having a baby changes your life, but I don't change it for anything in the world
One always hears how much a child changes your life, but it is an experience that most mothers would not change for anything in the world .

2. A baby is like the beginning of all the wonderful things; hopes, dreams and possibilities
One of the most beautiful phrases for babies, ideal to dedicate to some new parents.

3. Every child that comes into the world tells us: "God still expects from man"
This phrase of the Indian philosopher and writer Rabindranath Tagore invites us to reflect.

4. A baby represents God's opinion that the world must continue
A similar message is expressed by the poet and novelist Carl Sandburg with this phrase for babies.

5. The best smell, that of bread; the best flavor, that of salt; the best love, that of children
The novelist Graham Greene expresses in this sentence how pure the love of the little ones is .

6. If one feels the need for something great, something infinite, something that makes one feel conscious of God, one does not need to go far to find it. I think I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of a baby's eyes when he wakes up in the morning and lulls or laughs because he sees the sun shining in his crib
One of the most beautiful phrases for babies, expressed by the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh.

7. Sometimes the smallest things fill more space in your heart
A baby is a very small being who nevertheless fills us with infinite love.

8. A baby is the greatest gift that a generation can leave to another
The generations have continuity thanks to the babies that come to the world.

9. Babies are stardust, blown from the hand of God
One of the most beautiful phrases for babies to dedicate to the parents of the newborn.

10. In every child humanity is born
Spanish playwright phrase Jacinto Benavente, expressing the importance of babies.

11. Children are the hope of the world
A phrase by Cuban politician and writer José Martí, to express that children are the future .

12. A baby's smile can make big dreams come true
One of the best things in this world is the smiles of babies, which express pure innocence.

13. A baby has a special way of giving joy to each day
Babies and newborns are a source of joy in any home.

14. A baby's smile has the power to freeze time
As we have already said, babies are pure innocence, and they express it when they smile.

15. With every newborn baby there is a little more hope and hope in the world
The birth of a baby does not only imply a continuity of the future; They also represent hope and illusion.

16. Words cannot express the joy of a newborn baby
None of these phrases for babies will express what it feels like when a baby arrives in this world , but we can try.

17. I didn't know how much love my heart can hold until I brought a new life to the world
The love that one feels for a child is not comparable to anything in this world.

18. Babies bring us a piece of heaven to earth
A phrase for babies short and simple, but expressing the innocence and tenderness of newborns.

19. Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child
Bringing a child to this world is a huge change for a couple, but also an opportunity to strengthen your bond.

20. People who say they sleep as babies usually do not have one
A phrase by Leo J. Burke ideal for parents with a sense of humor, who jokes about the lack of sleep that babies usually have at night.

21. The love a mother has for her baby is unconditional, lasts forever and begins before birth
Babies fill us with love already before birth , and this love is the strongest and most lasting.

22. A baby is something that you carry within you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart until you die
In the same way Mary Mason expresses it, with this phrase for babies ideal to dedicate.

23. The smallest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts
The love we can feel towards a baby is one of the greatest that exists.

24. Babies are very sweet and extremely easy to love
The tenderness of newborns makes anyone fall in love with them.

25. Caring for a newborn is the most important job in life
Raising a child will always be a hard task and a lot of responsibility.

26. I believe in love at first sight because I am a mother
Phrase to dedicate to mothers who have just given birth and already know what love is at first sight.

27. Babies bless the world with love
Newborns are so pure and innocent that they arouse love in the world.

28. Newborn babies refresh life and rejoice the heart
The arrival of a newborn in a family fuels the flame of love and brings joy to the home.

29. You don't really know what love is until you look into your newborn's eyes
Nothing awakens as much love in us as our children when they are just born, and that love lasts a lifetime .

30. A newborn baby fills a place in your heart that you didn't know was empty
The love we can feel for our baby is unimaginable.

31. To be in your son's memories tomorrow, stay in his life today
It is important to be present in the life of a child and be a reference.

32. A newborn baby is a bridge to heaven
A phrase for babies and newborns that expresses the purity and innocence they represent.

33. Having a baby is like having heaven in the palm of your hands
As in the previous sentence, it also expresses the innocence and heavenly purity of babies .

34. The only unbreakable bond on earth is that of a mother and her baby
The bond and love felt by mother and child is one of the strongest that exist.

35. A baby at home is a source of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place of innocence on earth, a link between angels and men
Babies are pure beings that invite peace and love.

36. I have a monument in this world, he is my son
Phrase of the activist Maya Angelou, ideal to dedicate to our children .

37. A newborn is a new bloom in your life
One of the phrases for short and pretty babies that you can dedicate to the new family member.

38. Having a baby is surely the most beautiful act that two people can commit
Babies are a miracle born of love between two people.

39. Having a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can have
Despite the painful labor, many women express the beautiful experience of bringing a child to this world .

40. I imagined your laughter and what your face would be like, since before I could hold you in my hands. Now, you have become the most wonderful gift you have ever been able to receive
One of the phrases for babies that we can dedicate to our newborn child.

41. Since you came into my life, all my days were filled with light and color. Knowing that you are a very special part of me, has made me find a new meaning in my existence
Another beautiful phrase to dedicate to your baby, so that he remembers in the future how much you love him.

42. Your baby needs your presence more than your gifts
The best gift you can give your baby is your touch and your kisses.

43. A new life begins, a new illusion, a new desire to do things right
Babies are a new life and fill a family with hope and enthusiasm.

44. A baby will give more love to your life, make the days shorter, make your home happier, forget your past and make it worth living your future
A baby changes your life and the way you live it , creating a new future for you and yours.

45. Each newborn is sent to this world with a new message to send, with a new song to sing, with a special act of love to bestow.
Babies come to this world with new opportunities and hope.

46. ​​A baby is born with the need to be loved, and never leaves her behind
Frank A. Clark phrase about how important it is to give love to newborns.

47. A baby is an invaluable and annoying blessing
Phrase by Mark Twain, ideal for dedicating parents with a sense of humor .

48. Love at first sight is what you have for your baby. You fall so hard you can't get up again
The love we can feel for a child is so strong that in life it can be lost.

49. A newborn baby is the greatest inspiration you'll ever have
Children fill our hearts with joy and inspiration to do great things.

50. Each newborn baby is a different type of flower and together they make this world a beautiful garden
A beautiful phrase for babies, ideal to include in messages those who have just been parents.

51. A baby is an angel whose wings diminish as her legs grow
Babies are as pure and innocent as angels.

52. Ten little fingers that always want to play, that never fail to explore the wonders of today. Ten little fingers that form the beginning of something that will always be in your heart
A beautiful and original phrase to express that the love of a child will always accompany you.

53. There will be no one I can love more than you in my life, because you are the reason that I found my way to be happy
One of the best phrases that parents can dedicate to their newborn babies.

54. Making the decision to have a baby is transcendental. It's about deciding forever that your heart is walking outside your body
Elizabeth Stone's reflection on the importance of having a child and what it represents.

55. All babies are born with innocence, curiosity and love
Newborns are pure creatures full of curiosity and do not stop learning.

56. We may not plan for you, but I want you to know that you have undoubtedly been the most desired by us. At this time, only your arrival matters and in the happiness you have given us with it
Another ideal phrase that parents can dedicate to a baby or newborn.

57. When you have a newborn in your arms and look at his beautiful face, it is as if all your worries flew away
There is no experience similar to having your baby in your arms and feeling his love.

58. A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep deeply in them.
Víctor Hugo phrase ideal to dedicate to mothers who have just had a baby.

59. I can't understand why mothers love them, all babies leak at both ends
A funny phrase by Douglas Feaver, to take the arrival of a baby with humor.

60. Children are like the stars. There are never too many
Phrase of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, which expresses both the beauty of children and the need for them to exist.

61. The only creatures that have developed enough to convey pure love are dogs and babies
Actor Johnny Depp also fell surrendered to the purity that babies transmit .

62. Do not stay still outside the door of a crying baby whose only desire is to touch you. Go with your baby. Go with your baby a million times. Show him that people can be trusted, that their environment can be trusted, that we live in a benign universe
Peggy O'Mara expresses in this sentence the importance of being with your baby when he needs you and letting him know that he is loved.

63. You can't buy happiness, happiness is born
The purest happiness is what comes with the birth of a baby.

64. Love is for the child like the sun for flowers; bread is not enough for him: he needs caresses to be good and to be strong
Concepción Arenal phrase about the need to give love and love to newborns.

65. Babies are a very nice way to start life
Phrase of Don Herold to express how beautiful babies are, that after all they are life.

66. In the garden of humanity, every baby is a new flower that can smile, laugh, dance, love and sing with mother earth
One of the phrases for babies of the philosopher and writer Debasish Mridha.

67. A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower
The same author also expresses in this sentence the purity of newborn children.

68. May the vital breath make you tender and fresh, as tender and fresh is a newborn child
In the same way, Lao Tse expresses in this reflection the tenderness that babies represent .

69. I have learned that when a newborn clenches with his little fist, for the first time, his father's finger, he has it forever trapped
The Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez also expresses in this sentence the love that a father feels towards his son.

70. Always kiss your newborn child good night even if he is already asleep
We finish the list of phrases for babies with a reminder to not forget how important it is to get our love to babies, whether or not they are aware of it.

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