70 phrases about betrayal (in the couple and in friendship)

Betrayal is always unexpected, and that is why it is so painful. Betrayal is that act that people can commit taking advantage of the loyalty of a loved one to take advantage of their good faith. 
70 phrases about betrayal (in the couple and in friendship)

There are many types of betrayal and this can be used in a relationship to obtain a benefit immorally.

Without a doubt, betraying someone is one of the most ruinous and crawling acts we can commit throughout our lives. That is why we have all thought about it and many thinkers, philosophers or personalities have also recorded their thoughts on this unpleasant and despicable act.

Here is a compilation of the 70 most relevant phrases that talk about betrayal among people, both in the context of a romantic partner and in the field of friendship.

1. It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend. (William Blade)
To forgive there must be a previous offense, which most likely has been made by an enemy.

2. Betrayal is never easy to handle, and there is no right way to accept it. (Cristine Fehan)
Should we accept betrayal? Maybe we can forgive her ... but not accept her.

3. If you want to change the world, change yourself. The world needs traitors. (Bauvard)
To achieve certain goals in society many times we do not achieve them without betraying someone.

4. It is not treason if you win. (Lisa Shearin)
Betrayal is thus seen by the betrayed person, the traitor can see this as a resounding victory.

5. No owl is afraid of the night, no swamp snake and no treason of betrayal. (Mehmet Murat ildan)
When someone is a master of betrayal, what counts first is the betrayal of others.

6. Betrayal begins at the moment when people violate their own rights. (MF Moonzajer)
Also in life we ​​can betray ourselves, we must be more honest with who we are.

7. Cynicism is an intellectual betrayal. (Norman Cousins)
Cynicism can be seen as a way of betraying ourselves somewhat convoluted.

8. Betrayal never thrives, because if it did, no one would dare call it treason. (John Harrington)
Certainly, a betrayal is never well seen by society, so it has that negative connotation.

9. Sometimes the traitor does more harm to himself than to the betrayed.
When we commit a betrayal, we can be harmed, because if the victim is waiting for her, she may have taken some countermeasure that we had not taken into account.

10. Whoever commits treason will probably not be able to resist committing it again.
If we commit a betrayal and go out well, we lose our aversion, so that we could be inclined to commit such acts again.

11. Not because they have betrayed you, you have to wear armor against all people. With armor against the traitor is enough for you.
We must know the people around us well and only act against those who can really fail us.

12. An intelligent man never betrays, because he knows how to achieve by good means what traitors get by betrayal.
He who has enough resources does not need to use bad arts to achieve his goals.

13. Betrayal is not an opportunity to distrust others. It is an opportunity to grow as a person and better choose the people around you.
Indeed, knowing how to choose our environment is the most important thing to never be betrayed.

14. Betrayal is like a can of soda; Once you throw it into nature, it needs years to degrade.
Betrayal is an act that is not easily forgotten and that carries a social stigma in the person who has performed it.

15. There are hundreds of forms of betrayal, but they all have the effect of destroying a friendship or a relationship that cost so much to build.
Building any kind of relationship takes a lot of time and work, but with a single betrayal it can break into a thousand pieces.

16. Value both loyalty and underestimate treason. Show respect to the real person and it will be very difficult for him to become a traitor.
Valuing our friendships as they deserve is something we should do, because if they are valued they should never fall into betrayal.

17. The traitor may not receive his punishment, but he will not receive a single reward from the person he betrayed.
He who betrays breaks the relationship he had previously with the betrayed person and thereby loses insurance in his life.

18. I'd rather live alone for a year than live one day with a traitor.
There are people whose moral and ethical integrity does not allow them to betray another, because they are above those ways of acting.

19. To be a traitor is to destroy himself, because once he is betrayed, the act becomes part of the traitor's being.
Betraying makes us a being seen as detestable by those people who know our actions.

20. Be as kind to the faithful as distrustful of the traitor. So smiling with the sincere, as indifferent with the traitor.
Those who have demonstrated their lack of integrity with us should be treated by us with the severity they deserve.

21. Sometimes a betrayal on time is the best thing that can happen to you to realize that you are going the wrong way.
Those who betray us teach us to value our true friends more and to have more in mind who we let into our circle of friends or not.

22. If they betray you and you think that everyone will betray you, it's like believing that because the lottery touches you one day, it will touch you every time you buy it.
That we suffer betrayal does not mean that everyone wants to betray us, traitors are only a small part of society.

23. I'd rather need a lot of time to trust someone, to trust soon and be betrayed too soon.
Knowing how to choose our friends well is something very important so as not to suffer betrayals in life.

24. If you find a loyal friend, partner or family, you have found the greatest treasure that life can give.
Those who demonstrate their loyalty are the most valuable and we must trust,

25. The traitor is rejected earlier by his friends than by the betrayed person.
Committing an act of treason is frowned upon by society in general and can lead us to run out of friends in the long run.

26. It is more shameful to distrust your friends than to be deceived by them. (Confucius)
If we can't trust our friends, who can we do it? If they betray us later, they really weren't friends.

27. All trust contains vulnerability and risk. Nothing could count as trust if there was no possibility of being betrayed. (Robert C. Solomon)
There is always the possibility that someone betrays us, because by placing our trust in someone there is always a chance that he will fail us.

28. Life is not about who is real in your face, but who is real behind your back.
Who speaks well of us behind our backs is who really has a good concept about us.

29. Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by the only person you thought would ever hurt you.
A very true date, those people we love most when they betray us are the most painful betrayals, because we did not expect it.

30. I am a person good enough to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you again.
We can forgive someone's betrayal of our person, but trust is inexorably lost. One of the best known betrayal phrases.

31. A good man and a good woman will tell the truth no matter how painful it is. A liar hides behind betrayal and deception.
Those who want our good will always tell us the truth even if we don't want to hear, because they want the best for us.

32. Sometimes it is not that people change. It is that the mask falls out.
With time we can know who is a false person and who is not, because in the end they end up betraying themselves.

33. Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their life. It is what unites us. The trick is not to let it destroy your trust in others when that happens. Do not let them take it away. (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
We must overcome betrayals and not blame everyone, all people are not equal.

34. Betrayal is universal for people without principles.
Those people who lack values ​​are the first to use this kind of trickery to achieve their goals.

35. For me the only thing worse than death is betrayal. (Malcolm X)

Without a doubt, betrayal is one of the most detestable acts we can perform as people.

36. Betray a friend and you will soon realize that you have ruined your own life. (Aesopo)
When we betray a friend, we lose with it everything that he gave us or could not contribute and also our relatives will know what kind of person we are.

37. Betraying someone's trust is like crumpling a piece of paper. You can extend it again, but it will never be the same again.
Once we betray someone, that person will never again have full trust with us.

38. The worst kind of pain is betrayal, because it means that someone was willing to hurt you just to feel better himself.
Betraying someone for our own ego or ambition is a very tragic act that can generate suffering for oneself and those around us.

39. Those who do not know the value of loyalty will never appreciate the price of their betrayal.
To really value what treason means, we must also be aware of what it costs to earn someone's loyalty.

40. Trusting someone is your decision, showing you that you were right is your choice.
There is always the possibility that that person we trust will betray us, because that already depends on whether he / she values ​​you in the same way.

41. If they betray you, let out all the sadness at once; that way resentment will not have a chance to take root. (Toba Beta)
When we suffer a betrayal we must overcome it and continue with our lives as if it had not existed.

42. In the monarchy the crime of treason can admit a pardon or a slight penalty, but the man who has the audacity to rebel against the laws of a republic should suffer death. (Samuel Adams)
Betraying our State or Country can even lead to capital punishment. One of the betrayal phrases with a more nationalistic sense.

43. The last temptation is the greatest betrayal. (TS Eliot)
Being consistent with our ideals and values ​​will never allow us to be tempted to betray someone.

44. If you maintain a constant political stance for long enough, sooner or later you will be accused of treason. (Mort Sah)
Many times we can be accused of treason unfairly, since being a disgusting act to accuse of it is also a weapon in itself.

45. Betrayal that begins with caution, ends up betraying itself. (Alphonse de Lamartine)
When we betray someone it can be a double-edged sword that ultimately hurts ourselves.

46. ​​Betrayal is as reliable as the fox. (William Shakespeare)
Betrayal is dangerous and we must not trust it, it can be a betrayal back and forth.

47. Betrayal is a burden that was invented by the winners as an excuse to hang the traitors. (Peter Stone)
Peter Stone tells us here of a vision of betrayal similar to defeat, it is a good way to see it.

48. Caesar loved betrayal, but hated the traitor. (Plutarch)
Throughout history the acts of betrayal have happened and the one who betrayed today, tomorrow was the betrayed.

49. According to the Constitution, "helping and comforting" an enemy in times of war can lead to an accusation of treason. (Walter Cronkite)
Committing an act of treason can be a thin line, in times of war we can be accused of treason for many reasons.

50. Betrayal rarely lives with courage. (Walter Scott)
Acts of treason are usually carried out subversively and trying to go unnoticed.

51. If I am a traitor, who do I betray? I gave all my information to the American public, to American journalists who report on American issues. If you see that as treason, I think people really need to consider who they think they are working for. The public is supposed to be their boss, not their enemy. (Edward Snowden)
Edward Snowden (Informant) tells us here about his loyalties as well as what he considers to be treason and what not

52. In a free society, we are all supposed to know the truth. However, in a society where truth becomes treason we would be in trouble. (Ron Paul)
Certain matters of state are strongly protected, because if it were the case to reach public opinion they could lead to accusations of treason.

53. The difference between treason and patriotism is simply a matter of dates. (Alexandre Dumas)
What for some is traction, for its antagonist it is a patriotic act.

54. Those who know that the King is going wrong and leave him, deserve grief as traitors. (Alfonso X)
Our loyalty is measured not only with our actions but also with our inaction.

55. Any appeasement of tyranny is treason. (William Allen White)
The tyrant will accuse anyone who tries to act against him of treason.

56. When war comes, reason is considered treason. (IF Stone)
In a warlike conflict you can be accused of treason merely for your ideals.

57. All the evil that can exist in the world is hidden in a nest of traitors. (Francesco Petrarca)
The traitor is seen by other people around him as someone bad, unworthy of his trust.

58. The traitor to humanity is the traitor who has a major curse. (James Russell Lowell)
Large-scale traitors are those that cause more pain and suffering. In addition, they will also be the most hated by the rest of their peers.

59. Write on my tombstone "Unfaithful, Traitor", unfaithful to every church that commits itself to evil; traitor to any government that oppresses people. (Wendell Phillips)
Being unfaithful and traitorous can also be a way to see what or who we fight in our lives.

60. Bad literature is a form of betrayal. (Joseph Brodsky)
Joseph Brodsky tells us in this quotation how he considered that bad art is also a form of betrayal.

61. I don't know what treason is, if undermining and betraying the freedoms of a people is not treason. (Cato the Younger)
The damage we can do to society is the greatest act of treason that a person can commit. One of the betrayal phrases with a more political sense.

62. If for every mistake and every act of incompetence one could replace an act of treason. (Richard Hofstadter)
Sometimes people can make mistakes, but that does not mean it is a betrayal. Betrayals can be judged quickly but mistakes are much more difficult to assess.

63. A traitor is a man who left his party to sign up for another match. A convert is a traitor who left his party to join our party. (Georges Clemenceau)
Betrayal depends on the prism we look at, because if it favors us it may not be seen as such.

64. The traitor to humanity is the most energetic traitor. (James Russell Lowell)
The traitor to society is also the one who must commit the most betrayals, for his enemies are all others.

65. The fate of the Roman emperors was usually the same. A life of pleasure ... of severity... of indolence or glory... and almost every reign closes with the same disgusting disgust of betrayal and murder. (Edward Gibbon)
In ancient Rome, emperors were the most envied people and therefore the greatest objective to beat from traitors.

66. Betrayal implies an act of cowardice and detestable depravity. (Baron de Holbach)
This quote tells us about the disgust of betrayal and how it was seen by Baron Holbach.

67. Sometimes, duplicity and betrayal are signs of the enemy and, sometimes, the failed intention of an ally. (Addison Webster Moore)
Betrayal is always seen from the point of view of the betrayed, as seen from the other side may not be valued in the same way.

68. If I keep my opinions at a time like this, for fear of offending, I should be considered guilty of treason to my country. (Patrick Henry)
Sometimes not being the person we really are is the greatest act of betrayal we commit against ourselves.

69. One should commit acts of the highest treason only when dressed in the brightest galas. (Grant Morrison)
Grant Morrison tells us in this quote about the theatricalization of betrayal and his peculiar point of view on it.

70. The first ape who became a man committed treason against his class. (Mikhail Turovsky)
A curious way to see betrayal and how the first man was already guilty from the right point of view.

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