70 different love phrases to dedicate to the loved one

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Let him know your love with these romantic dates! In this article we have collected 70 different love phrases so you can share with the loved one or be inspired to write your own quotes.

70 different love phrases to dedicate to the loved one
Being in love is wonderful, and being able to let the other person know is a privilege that we should not give up. But finding the exact words for what we want to express without falling into topics can be complicated.

Here are some different phrases about love that are far from typical.

1. We walked without looking for each other but knowing that we were walking to meet
One of the best phrases of love extracted from Rayuela, novel and summit work of the famous Argentine writer Julio Cortázar.

2. Come to sleep with me: we will not make love. He will make us
Another quote from the great Argentine writer, Cortázar, as imaginative as passionate , that makes it one of the best phrases of different love.

3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want, doesn't mean they don't love you with all their being
Gabriel García Márquez reminds us that there are many ways to love and that all can be equally valuable.

4. In a kiss, you'll know everything I've been silent
Sometimes a kiss can say everything we have not dared to express in words , according to Pablo Neruda.

5. I love you as you love certain dark things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul
Another phrase of love different from the brilliant Chilean poet that reminds us that love is something deep.

6. I want you to go crazy with laughter, drunk with nothing and strolling through the streets in a hurry, yes, holding hands, rather ... from the heart
Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti phrase, ideal to share with our partner .

7. It is enough for me to look at you, to know that with you I am going to soak my soul
Again a different love phrase by Julio Cortázar, which reminds us that he was and will be one of the most romantic writers on the Latin American scene.

8. But we love each other with a love that was more than love
Romantic phrase of the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe.

9. There are loves so beautiful that they justify all the follies they make commit
For Greek philosophers, love already implied madness , as we see from this phrase by Plutarch.

10. Being deeply loved gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage
Lao Tse reminds us that love gives us courage to make gestures that at other times we would not do.

11. Not being loved is a simple misfortune; the real misfortune is not to love
The writer Albert Camus on the importance of being able to love.

12. Two people who love each other, alone, isolated from the world, is something beautiful
Another compliment to the love of the writer Milan Kundera.

13. To love is not to look at each other; is to look together in the same direction
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry tells us with this phrase the importance of sharing futures and expectations with the loved one.

14. No one has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold
Zelda Fitzgerald phrase about the greatness of love and its immensity.

15. There are many types of love in this world, but never the same love twice
Her husband, the writer Scott-Fitzgerald, also tells us that what we feel for each person is unique.

16. Love is not dominated; grown
The German writer Goethe reminds us that love must be taken care of so that it grows.

17. Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself
Sometimes love can be a mirror in which to see ourselves reflected , according to this phrase by André Breton.

18. A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea
When we love someone, we know it, according to Honoré de Balzac.

19. That when love is not madness, it is not love
A classic by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, about the need to love with a little madness.

20. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved
For the writer George Sand there was nothing like being reciprocated in love.

21. For small creatures like us the immensity is bearable only through love
Beautiful phrase of astronomer and popular science scientist Carl Sagan.

22. I love you, not only because of who you are, but also because of who I am when I am with you
Roy Croft phrase to share with the person who brings out the best in us .

23. The love we deliver is the only love we retain
For Elbert Hubbard the only way to retain love is by giving it.

24. Love is the only thing we never have enough of, and it is also the only thing we don't give enough
The controversial writer Henry Miller leaves us with one of the best different love phrases.

25. In love, one and one are one
Despite appearances, the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre was quite a womanizer.

26. It was a love at first sight, at last sight, at any sight
An original love phrase by Vladimir Nabokov, extracted from his novel Lolita.

27. We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we get to see perfectly an imperfect person
For Sam Keen, the perfect thing is to love each other's imperfections .

28. Love has no cure, but it is the only cure for all evil
Love is often referred to as a disease, but a necessary disease. This phrase of Leonard Cohen expresses it very well.

29. Love is fire. But if it's going to warm your heart or burn your house, there's no way to know. "
We cannot anticipate how intense a love will become. Actress Joan Crawford knew it well.

30. What is love? Love is a fog that burns with the first light of reality day.
Phrase of the great exponent of dirty realism, Charles Bukowski.

31. I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me as much as seeing you happy
One of the most famous romances of the writer George Sand was the one he kept with the composer Chopin.

32. To love is not only to want, it is above all to understand.
Francoise Sagan knows that understanding is a basic ingredient in every relationship.

33. And to be totally, completely, absolutely in love, one must be fully aware that one is also loved, that one also inspires love.
The writer and poet Mario Benedetti reminds us that there is nothing like wanting and being reciprocated .

34. One never fell in love, and that was his hell. Another, yes, and that was his conviction.
Scholar and writer Robert Burton reflects on the suffering that love can also entail.

35. One is in love when one realizes that another person is unique.

Perfect love phrase by Jorge Luis Borges to dedicate to the loved one and let him know that he is special.

36. If you loved me and I loved you, how would we love each other!
Funny and original phrase of the French poet and playwright Paul Géraldy.

37. The most difficult is not the first kiss but the last.
Another phrase of love of Paul Géraldy, very successful.

38. The first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the look.
Tristan Bernard perfectly sums up love at first sight with this date .

39. Love letters are written starting without knowing what is going to be said, and ending without knowing what has been said.
Another way of saying that love makes us lose our mind a bit, according to Jean Jacques Rousseau.

40. If you do not remember the slightest madness that love made you fall, you have not loved.
The madness associated with love was also expressed by William Shakespeare in this other sentence.

41. I love you more than my own skin
Frida Kahlo was a very passionate woman, and she knew how to convey it with this phrase of love.

42. There is more pleasure in loving than in being loved.
We can be loved without feeling, but if we love it will be because we feel, this being a real pleasure. Phrase by John Fuller.

43. Why all my love will come at once when I feel sad, and I feel you far away.
Sometimes when we love the most is when we are far from that person, as expressed by Pablo Neruda.

44. You will not know all that I am worth until I can be with you all that I am.
Romantic appointment of the famous scientist and thinker Gregorio Marañón.

45. We live in the world when we love. Only a life lived for others is worth living.
For Albert Einstein, we live true life when we love .

46. ​​The heart is a child: wait for what you want.
Curious Russian proverb that talks about the desires of the heart.

47. Love is a friendship with erotic moments.
For Antonio Gala, true love starts from a base of friendship.

48. Love is space and time measured by the heart.
Love is measured by the time we love and the space it occupies in our hearts, according to the writer Marcel Proust.

49. For my heart your chest is enough, for your freedom my wings are enough.
Another romantic and poetic phrase of the writer and poet Pablo Neruda.

50. It is better to have loved and lost than ever to have loved.
Famous phrase of the English poet and playwright Alfred Tennyson.

52. If you have reason to love a person, then you don't love her.
Slavoj Zizek reflecting on the little rationality of true love.

53. Should we have a reason to love?
Brigitte Bardot exposes the same reflection but in other words.

54. What good insomnia if I reveal myself over your body.
Romantic and sensual phrase of the Uruguayan writer and poet Mario Benedetti.

55. The measure of love is to love without measure.
Agustín de Hipona's great phrase that love is infinite and has no measure.

56. True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers.
Nice reflection of the playwright and film director Jacinto Benavente.

57. Love arrives without being seen; We can only see it when leaving.
Sometimes we don't see it coming that we're going to fall in love, but we miss it a lot when we're missing It is what sums up this beautiful phrase by essayist Henry Austin Dobson.

58. True love stories have no end.
The writer Richard Bach leaves us this phrase about eternal love, which will always accompany us.

59. When you don't love too much you don't love yourself enough.
According to Blaise Pascal one has to love with his whole being, or he will not love.

60. Thinking about my happiness, I remembered you
Anonymous phrase to dedicate to your partner and remind him that it is one of the reasons for your happiness.

61. The person who deserves you is the one who, having the freedom to do what he wants, chooses you at all times
Those who deserve our attention are those who return it to us in the same way.

62. Romance is stormy; love is quiet
Mason Cooley phrase that reminds us that romance is intense and fleeting, while love is lasting.

63. Love knows no barriers; jump obstacles, hurdles and penetrate walls to reach your destination full of hope
For Maya Angelou there are no obstacles if we really love.

64. The heart needs a second heart. Shared joy is double joy.
Loving is a matter of two, and being reciprocated is the best there is.

65. And love, having no geography, does not recognize limits.
Phrase about love of the renowned writer Truman Capote.

66. If when I love I am happy, then you are my happiness
Anonymous phrase ideal to confess our love to the loved one .

67. Stay without thinking with that person who dies if he does not have you, than with that person who presumes because he knows he has you
Who deserves your love and attention is that person who appreciates yours.

68. The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to him and know that you can never have him
Phrase by writer Gabriel García Márquez about forbidden or unrequited love.

69. If you don't love me, it doesn't matter, I can still love you both.
Stendhal's curious love phrase that reminds us that even if it is not reciprocated, one does not stop loving.

70. Love lives more than it gives than it receives.
Beautiful phrase of Concepción Arenal that reminds us that for many, the true signs of love are those in which one lets his altruistic part flow without caring about not being reciprocated.

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