65 sad phrases of love, pain, melancholy and sadness to cry

Deep phrases and reflections on the sadness and melancholy that will reach your heart. We select 65 sad phrases that express pain, disappointment and sadness, reflecting what we feel in moments of heartbreak and grief.

65 sad phrases of love, pain, melancholy and sadness to cry
Unfortunately, sadness is one of the strongest feelings people can experience, and many authors have reflected on melancholy and pain.

These sadness phrases will reach your heart and make you reflect on the dramas of heartbreak, loneliness, death and melancholy.

1. You never suffer for love. He suffers from heartbreak, disenchantment or indifference, but never from love. Love does not hurt.
Heartbreak is undoubtedly a great source of sad phrases, as it is one of life's most painful experiences .

2. There is no sadder place than that where you remember yourself happily.
Especially if that is just a place that is already only in our memory.

3. The problem with impossible love is that it takes us a lifetime to forget them.
Loves that have not come true and those that we have not been disappointed are the most difficult to let go.

4. There is not a single real love story that has a happy ending. If it is love, it will have no end. And if you have it, you will not be happy.
A sad and bittersweet phrase, like most love stories.

5. Pain is not as strong as guilt, but it takes more from you.
Veronica Roth reminds us with this phrase that pain is a feeling that leaves more trace than any other.

6. Sorrows were not made for beasts, but for men.
Miguel de Cervantes phrase, about sadness as part of the human condition.

7. Melancholy sees the worst of things.
Sad phrase about melancholy and how hopeless it is, according to Christian Nestell Bovee.

8. Nothing is sadder than the death of an illusion.
Having an illusion for something and losing it is one of the worst experiences , according to this phrase by Arthur Koestler.

9. There is nothing more depressing than having everything and still feeling sad.
And it is a most common experience, because having it all is useless if it does not fill you.

10. It is sad when you realize that you are not as important to someone as you thought you were.
A sad phrase about the disappointments that we can get from some people.

11. Dying seems less sad than having lived shortly.
For the writer Gloria Steinem, the real sadness is not taking advantage of life.

12. Living in the past only blinds you to the future.
Clinging to painful experiences only prevents us from enjoying what is to come, as this phrase by Andrew Boyd expresses.

13. A person can feel lonely, even when many people love them.
The company does not strip the human being of inner solitude . This was expressed by Anna Frank in her diaries.

14. Don't make someone your everything. Because when they are gone, you have nothing.
As much as we love someone, we must be first, because in the end we only have ourselves.

15. Each sigh is like a sip of life that one gets rid of.
A beautiful phrase by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, which expresses how sadness is expressed in sighs.

Melancholy has been a subject of reflection for many thinkers.
Melancholy has been a subject of reflection for many thinkers. Source: Unsplash
16. Smile because you had the opportunity, cry because you lost it.
And that's what life is about, a bittersweet path full of good and bad experiences.

17. I smile and that's not why I'm happy, because sometimes I smile to hide the sadness.
One of the saddest phrases, because sometimes smiles try to hide the biggest sadness.

18. It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise. This is true for both men and dogs.
The feeling of loneliness is very powerful in any living being, according to this quote by Eric Hoffer.

19. The heart was made to be broken.
One of the saddest and hopeless phrases of the famous writer Oscar Wilde.

20. Death is sweet; but his anteroom, cruel.
One of the most famous phrases of Camilo José Cela, about the suffering that is life .

21. The real pain is that suffered without witnesses.
The sadness we experience being alone is the most suffered, according to this phrase by Marco Valerio Marcial.

22. The ones you love most are usually the ones that hurt you the most.
When what we feel for someone is so strong, the pain they cause us is also strong.

23. My pain turned to sadness and my sadness to anger. My anger turned to hate and I forgot how to smile.
The most painful experiences can lead to blacken any heart.

24. Life is like a video game. Only there is no reset button.
The sad reality is that we only have one game to play.

25. Unhappy is the one who thinks about his childhood and only evokes memories of fear and sadness.
One of the saddest phrases of HP Lovecraft, about bad experiences during that important stage in life that is childhood.

26. It is easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.
The writer Chuck Palahniuk always offers raw doses of reality in each of his sentences .

27. Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death.
One of the phrases of sadness and loneliness of the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

28. Love does not know its own depth until the time of separation.
A sad reality expressed by Kahlil Gibran in this reflection.

29. Sometimes I like to be in the rain just so they don't know I'm crying.
One of the saddest phrases we can hear someone say.

30. Sometimes, a plan is just a list of things that don't happen.
This phrase expresses a great truth, because sadly we don't always get to do what we plan.

31. The walls we build around us to keep us away from sadness also leave happiness out.
Jim Rohn reminds us that we should not give up risky experiences to prevent disappointments , because we will also miss good times.

32. Time does not heal wounds, it only makes them age old enough to get used to the pain.
It is always said that time heals everything, but this crude phrase expresses that pain simply remains otherwise.

33. A mirror shows your exterior image, but never your pain inside.

Pain is a very deep feeling that many may not know that you feel it.

34. We ignore those who worship us and we worship those who ignore us.
And this leads to great dissatisfaction and suffering.

35. At some point, you should realize that some people may remain in your heart but not in your life.
We all have the time to learn this sad lesson.

36. Living knowing what your end is and the pain you will suffer in life, is something that kills you very slowly.
One of the sad phrases, which can be applied to people living with a disease.

37. Melancholy and sadness are the beginning of doubt... doubt is the beginning of despair; Despair is the cruel beginning of the different degrees of evil.
Another phrase of the Count of Lautréamont that speaks of pain and sadness as the origin of the bad things in people .

38. Depression is something that presses you down to always sink a little more.
Unfortunately, depression is a disease that plunges those who suffer it into sadness.

39. We live to suffer. That is one of the most painful messages we receive in life continuously.
Life can be a lot of suffering, but that doesn't mean we should live it just for that.

40. Most minor scars heal, but those that are very deep never heal.
Sadly, the painful experiences that most mark us always remain somewhat open.

41. You will be that pain that accompanies me throughout my life.
One of the sad phrases that you can dedicate to the person who has hurt you and has marked you.

42. Life sometimes hurts more than any illness, a pain so great that you wonder if it's worth it.
Bad experiences sometimes cause us so much pain that they make us see that life is not worth it, but we must overcome.

43. In the heart was the thorn of a passion. I managed to tear it away one day: and I don't feel my heart.
This poetic phrase by Antonio Machado expresses very well those times in which after a disappointment in love it seems that we can no longer feel more love .

44. Not being loved is a simple misfortune. The true fatality is to not know how to love.
Instead this quote from the existentialist Albert Camus reminds us that sadness is in those who do not become able to feel love.

45. It is very sad to think that nature speaks while humans do not listen.
Victor Hugo left us with this sad phrase that can well be applied to the phenomenon of global warming that we suffer today.

46. ​​My illusion to write the most beautiful love story only remained in illusion.
Again the loss of illusion is another sad reason for reflection .

47. Pain is writing sentences expressing it and that nobody comes to support you.
Hopefully if you share any of these sad phrases you have the support you need.

48. Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.
Another phrase by the writer Victor Hugo about sadness and melancholy.

49. I was again where I had begun: with nothing but my loneliness.
Another phrase that expresses the sadness of being left alone, reflection of Arthur Golden.

50. Today I will pretend to be happy to avoid explaining why I find myself so sad.
Another phrase that describes those moments of sadness in which we have to appear to be well .

51. There is no greater pain than needing and losing something that you know you can never replace.
There are people or experiences in our lives that are irreplaceable, but in the end they all are because each one of them is unique and unrepeatable.

52. Nothing thicker than a blade separates happiness from melancholy.
Virginia Woolf expresses in this sad date how easy it is to sometimes move from a state of happiness to one of sadness.

53. Even the strongest person gets tired of moving mountains, for whom he would not move a stone.
And it is important to realize in time to not devote more time than necessary to those who do not deserve it .

54. Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It is the transition that is problematic.
Jimi Hendrix leaves us with this reflection that makes us think, isn't life that transition?

55. Often the grave encloses without knowing it, two hearts in the same coffin.
This is one of the saddest phrases, because when someone dies, they also take part of the heart of the person who loved them.

56. Maybe part of loving is learning to let go.
To love is to respect the other, although his decision may be sadly to move away.

57. I never thought there was so much sadness in happiness.
Some experiences that bring us happiness can bring sadness , according to this phrase by Mario Benedetti.

58. Sometimes a false joy is preferable to a sadness of true causes.
The philosopher Descartes reflects on accepting minor evils.

59. In the book of life, the answers are not on the back.
The character of Charlie Brown reminds us with this quote that unfortunately life does not come with an instruction manual.

60. Sadness moves away on the wings of time.
Sadness ends up disappearing over time, and this quote from Jean de la Fontaine expresses it well.

61. You are perfect as I remember, but painful as forgetfulness.
A sad phrase about bittersweet to have good memories of a heartbreak .

62. The wound that costs the most to heal, always comes from who said that it would never cause it.
Sometimes the disappointment that someone can cause us after a disappointment in love can be more painful than the lack of love itself.

63. Sow distance and you will reap forgetting.
A phrase that reflects the sad reality of moving away from loved ones.

64. A sad soul can kill faster than a bacterium.
The writer John Steinbeck leaves us this phrase about sadness and how fast it can eat us.

65. Sadness is one of the vibrations that prove we are alive.
And we end with a phrase by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that reminds us that the good side of sadness is that we can feel emotions that remind us that we are alive.

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