65 Arab Proverbs that will make you reflect on life

The wisdom of the Arab countries, contained in these proverbs and sayings. On this occasion we have compiled some of the most representative phrases of Arab culture. In each of them there are important reflections about life.
65 Arab Proverbs that will make you reflect on life

Each culture has its own sayings, which summarize its philosophy of life. On this occasion we have compiled some of the most representative phrases of Arab culture. In each of them there are important reflections about life.

From how to relate as a couple, with friends, to how to face enemies. Each phrase has a particular teaching that will surely give us a lot to think about. Some are very metaphorical and others are clear and transparent.

All aspects of life present difficulties, and advice never hurts. These Arab proverbs can bring guidance to some problem of everyday life, so we have compiled them to gather all the wisdom they have for us.

In addition, they are short phrases that you can share with friends or on your social networks, surely they will help someone and transmit an ancestral knowledge, which is always welcome. Here are 65 Arab proverbs to reflect on existence.

1. Punish those who are jealous by doing them good.
One way to face envy is to do good to those who have it. You leave it completely unarmed.

2. It is better to turn on a light than to curse the darkness.
When faced with a problem, it is better to find a solution than to remain sorry.

3. Advise the ignorant, and he will take you for his enemy.
Ignorance makes people very arrogant with whom it makes no sense to waste time.

4. Praise only God, criticize only yourself.
Self-centeredness is dangerous, it is better to praise our god than ourselves.

5. Things are not worth as long as they last, but for the traces they leave.
The important thing is the importance they have in our lives.

6. The conjecture of the wise is stronger than the certainty of the ignorant.
A wise person may have doubt and that is more valuable than the foolishness of ignorant people.

7. The hand that gives is above the hand that receives.
It is more important to give than to receive.

8. Cruelty is the strength of cowards.
Being cruel to others is only done by weak and cowardly people.

9. The best visits are the shortest.
You have to be cautious when visiting someone.

10. Never advise in public.
Scolding and advice should be done privately and wisely.

11. There is no substitute for experience.
No advice is better than living things in their own flesh.

12. One hand cannot clap.
It is always better to do things as a team.

13. Be friends with yourself and you will be with others.
It is best to know and love ourselves to give love to others.

14. A calm heart is better than a bag full of gold.
Between tranquility and money you always have to choose the first.

15. When another suffers, it is wood that suffers. The fruit of security hangs from the tree of silence.
A reflection for life and difficult times.

16. Consult your wife and do the opposite of what I advise you.
Without doubt a controversial advice for our times.

17. Man cannot jump out of his shadow.
Man has his limits and must respect them.

18. He who has health has hope, and he who has hope owns everything.
Health is everything, so you have to take care of it.

19. In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.
When a person is dumb, in the midst of abundance it will not benefit.

20. The conjecture of the wise is stronger than the certainty of the ignorant.
Wise people may have doubts and that is more valuable than the conceited of the ignorant.

21. Even the smallest root finds its woodcutter.
Everything in this world is important to someone, no matter how small.

22. Share what you have and don't look at who.
First you have to give and then wait to receive.

23. The first moon after marriage is that of honey, and those that remain bitter.
Spending the honeymoon in marriage, everything is not so beautiful anymore.

24. The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours.
You have to enjoy today.

25. Do not say everything you know, do not do everything you can, do not believe everything you hear, do not spend everything you have, because he who says everything he knows, he who does everything he can, he who believes everything he hears, the one who spends everything he has ... often says what is not appropriate, does what he should not, judges what he does not see and spends what he does not have.
Without doubt a great phrase that is full of wisdom on how to act in everyday life.

26. Who wants to do something finds a means, who does not want to do something finds an excuse.
If there is something we really want to do, we will not have excuses to do it.

27. If what you are going to say is not more beautiful than silence, don't say it.
We must take care of our words.

28. If a man tells you that you look like a camel, don't listen to him; If two tell you, look in a mirror.
Sometimes we don't have to pay attention to what people tell us, but if it's repetitive, maybe it's better if we pay attention.

29. Sit at your door and you will see the corpse of your enemy pass by.
Do not take revenge, you just have to wait for things to happen.

30. Only stones are thrown at the tree loaded with fruits.
It is used to explain why some people are attacked.

31. A clear loss is many times better than a distant and problematic gain.
It is better to be certain about a loss than to pass uncertainty.

32. Stop loving the one you love, and let me love what you love; It's the only way I don't stop loving you.

Love must be free.

33. Man is the enemy of what he ignores.
We are afraid when we have no knowledge about something.

34. The first time you cheat on me will be your fault; The second will be my fault.
If they deceive us once, it is the fault of the one who did it, but we cannot allow it a second time.

35. A gentleman cannot hit a woman even with a flower.
We must never act with violence of any kind.

36. A man's love for a woman vanishes like the moon, but a brother's love for a brother is permanent as the stars and endures as the word of the prophet.
Friendship and fraternity can become stronger than passionate love.

37. If you have a friend, visit him frequently, as weeds and thorns invade the path where no one passes.
You have to value friendship.

38. A friend does more damage than an enemy.
A friend knows us very well and can harm us a lot.

39. If they applaud you, never presume until you know who applauded.
We must not get carried away by easy praise.

40. To strengthen the heart, there is no better exercise than to bend down to lift those who are fallen.
Helping others will always do good to the spirit.

41. If someone bites you, it reminds you that you also have teeth.
You have to learn to defend yourself.

42. Only the mules deny their family.
This proverb is a total rejection of those who deny their family.

43. A quiet medium well-being is preferable to opulence full of worries.
A quiet but austere life is better than having wealth and being full of worries.

44. If you like someone because of their physique ... it is not love, it is desire. If you like him for his intelligence ... it's not love, it's admiration. If you like it because of its richness ... it is not love, it is interest. But if you don't know why you like it ... then, that is love.
This proverb is a great lesson to recognize love.

45. The dog that has money is called Mr. Dog.
Unfortunately, money grants status and respect to those who have it.

46. ​​God created us with two ears, two eyes, and only one mouth, it is because we have to listen and see twice before speaking.
Before speaking you have to listen.

47. The man who does not know how to smile should not open a shop.
For some companies, we must know whether or not we have the skills and the gift of people.

48. The sigh of a young woman is heard from farther away than the roar of a lion.
Feelings are more shocking than other things that seem louder.

49. Patience is a tree with bitter roots but very sweet fruits.
Patience is a virtue that must be cultivated.

50. Wisdom is not transferred, it is learned.
Working on wisdom requires the ability to learn and will.

51. Accidents in the world are more numerous than the earth's plants.
We must be cautious to avoid accidents that are more frequent than we think.

52. After you have released a word, it dominates you, but as long as you have not released it, you are its dominator.
We must think very well what we are going to say before speaking.

53. Whoever insists on hitting the moon with stone will not succeed, but will end up knowing how to handle the sling.
We must always persist in our goals, even if we do not succeed, we will surely get something.

54. If a business overwhelms you at the beginning, start at the end.
In the face of difficulties, solutions must be sought.

55. A book is like a garden that is carried in your pocket.
A book will always give us a whole world.

56. I complained because I couldn't buy shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.
Before complaining about something we must consider that there may be people in worse situations than us.

57. The treasure that is not spent takes little advantage.
The money is to obtain goods, not spending it is not taking advantage of it.

58. The eyes are of no use to a blind brain.
If people are ignorant and stubborn, they cannot see beyond.

59. Don't open your lips if you're not sure what you're going to say, silence is more beautiful.
Silence must also be well valued.

60. Acting is more eloquent than speaking.
Better than talk, you have to demonstrate and act.

61. Have a good memory if you are a liar.
If you are going to lie, you must have a good memory of what you lie.

62. He who seeks a friend without defects is left without friends.
You have to understand that nobody is perfect and that we must accept each other.

63. He who does not know he does not know is a fool; get away from him. He who knows he does not know is simple; instruct it. He who does not know that he knows is asleep; wake him up He who knows that he knows is wise; follow him.
A great Arabic proverb about how to relate to different types of people.

64. Be alert when your enemy smiles at you: the beast shows its teeth before attacking.
We must be careful with the kindness of our enemies.

65. Nothing scratches your skin better than your own nail.
Things go better if we do them.

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