51 phrases of heart (that will reach your soul and excite you)

That is why we present you the best 51 phrases of heart, to honor everything that this unique and mysterious organ entails and that makes us so human. 

51 phrases of heart (that will reach your soul and excite you)
The heart, that muscle of our body so important for life, not only because it beats and gives rhythm to our body, but because it awaits all our feelings, our most intimate secrets and all our emotions.

That is why we present you the best 51 phrases of heart , to honor everything that this unique and mysterious organ entails and that makes us so human. Perhaps through these phrases of heart we can put into words many of those feelings that we keep in him.

We hope that with these phrases of the heart, more than one of the emotions you have saved can come out. Surely they will also invite you to reflect on the power and strength of our beautiful and beloved heart.

1. It only looks good with the heart; The essential is invisible to the eyes.
We begin with this famous heart phrase written by Antoine de Saint - Exupéry in his famous book, The Little Prince.

2. Man rises by intelligence, but he is only man by heart.
Henry F. Amiel affirms that it is the feelings that are really important , because that is what our humanity gives us.

3. The truths revealed by intelligence remain sterile. Only the heart is capable of fecundating dreams.
The French writer Anatole France, teaches us in this sentence about the heart, that we only achieve our dreams because we create them with the heart.

4. The heart has reasons that reason ignores.
A very famous and popular phrase written by the Frenchman Blaise Pascal. You probably heard it sometime.

5. Let's try to see with the heart.
What the world would look like differently if we listened to what the Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt says in this phrase at heart.

6. It's amazing how someone can break your heart and yet you still love him with each of the bits.
If you have ever gone through a painful grief, it is likely that you identify with this phrase of heart, because he continues to love so that he is broken.

7. Purify your heart before allowing love to settle in it, since the sweetest honey is sour in a dirty glass.
Pythagoras, this philosopher and mathematician gives us this phrase that invites us to keep our hearts pure and free of feelings that can harm him.

8. How do I find rest after your departure? When you left, my heart went with you.
Yehuda Haleví gives us this phrase with which it is very easy to identify if your heart has been broken.

9. If you don't want to end up in an insane asylum, open your heart and abandon yourself to the natural course of life.
This phrase about the importance of opening the heart and living all the experiences from that place, is part of "Tokyo blues (Norwegian Wood)", the novel written by Haruki Murakami.

10. Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel.
And you could not miss this popular saying in our list of phrases of heart.

11. Nothing weighs as much as the heart when tired.
Juan Zorrilla de San Martín is the Uruguayan poet who gives us this phrase. Have you ever had a tired heart?

12. My crown is in the heart, not in my head.
Because it is really the heart that demonstrates our true status . Phrase written by William Shakespeare.

13. Time is not a field that is measured by elbows; it is not a sea that is measured by miles; It is the beat of a heart.
A different perspective on how to measure time is according to the heartbeat. Phrase by Nikos Kazantzakis in "The Last Temptation."

14. The Tin Woodcutter knew very well that he had no heart, which is why he worked harder than all for not being cruel to anything or anyone. You who have a heart have something that guides you and you don't need to make mistakes, he said; but I don't have it and that's why I have to take good care of myself. When Oz gives me a heart, then I won't worry so much anymore.
And how not to bring to this list a book that surely we all know, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum. Because the most important thing we have is our heart .

15. What your heart feels today, tomorrow your head will understand.
We could end this sentence from the heart with a “and not the other way around”

16. Those who love each other only with their hearts speak to each other.
Francisco de Quevedo about the language of love, which is what is spoken from the heart.

17. The heart is center, because it is the only thing in our being that gives sound.
Another different perspective on the heart gives us Maria Zambrano, and that is, we don't always remember that our heart has its own sound.

18. My heart hurts me. And it shouldn't hurt me, because it doesn't live on me, nor does it live for me.
Who does not feel identified with this beautiful phrase from the heart of Antonio Porchia in his poem Voces. A perfect phrase for the sorrows of love.

19. I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart), I am never without it.
Edward Estlin Cummings leaves us this phrase about hearts in love .

20. The language of the heart is universal: it only takes sensitivity to understand and speak it.
And fortunately, we all have sensitivity, no matter how much we want to avoid it. Phrase about the heart of Charles Pinot Duclós.

21. I am in the water and my heartbeat produces circles on the surface.
Has this happened to you also, what Milan Kundera describes about the strength of the heartbeat?

22. In the heart was the thorn of a passion. I managed to tear it away one day: I no longer feel my heart.
This phrase by the famous Spanish poet Antonio Machado also tells us about the consequences of failed romances for our hearts .

23. The heart knows something else because it hurts.
A phrase by Xavier Villaurrutia for those moments when our heart is warning us something but we don't want to hear it.

24. Do what you feel in your heart to be well, you will be criticized anyway. They will reproach you if you do it and they will reproach you if you do not.
Eleanor Roosevelt explains that the only way to feel good about our actions is if we feel them in our hearts.

25. Above all things saved, keep your heart, because life emanates from it.
Our heart is the most valuable thing we have according to Solomon.

26. The problem of man is not in the atomic bomb, but in his heart.

Albert Einstein, justified his invention of the atomic bomb by stating that her problem lies in our heart, because the use we give depends on him.

27. In my heart, a swirl of tenderness has left a beam of blue sands.
A phrase of heart to give to that person you love . Written by Aída Cartagena Portalatín.

28. All of us are beings of light. We were originally formed in the heart of the big red stars, billions of years ago.
Leonardo Boff writes this beautiful phrase in which he affirms that we are children of the heart of the stars.

29. My heart is perfect because you are inside it.
Another phrase about the heart for when we are in love, because love makes everything more wonderful.

30. It never penetrates by force into a heart.
This phrase of Molierè very successful on the path of access to the heart, is the only one that we cannot force.

31. When my voice is silent with death, my heart will continue to speak to you.
Rabindranath Tagore's famous heart phrase that says that the heart transcends beyond the death of people .

32. If the heart is bored of wanting, what is it for?
Mario Benedetti tells us about the function of the heart: love.

33. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
And you, do you agree with this phrase by Helen Keller?

34. It is impossible, said pride; It is risky, said the experience; it makes no sense, reason said; Try it, the heart whispered.
Because it is the heart that puts the desire and direction to everything we do, so, as this phrase from the heart says, it is the one we should listen to the most.

35. We must listen to the head, but let the heart speak.
The French writer Marguerite Yourcenar, finds a way to work with her head and heart at the same time.

36. To a great heart, no ingratitude closes it, no indifference tires it.
Leon Tolstoy on the greatness of the heart.

37. Of the innumerable steps leading to my heart he climbed only perhaps two or three.
Akiko Yosano writes this phrase for those who had unfinished love , for those who did not really reach your heart.

38. Doctors heal, mechanics fix and artists touch your heart.
Excellent way to explain what the arts do for our heart.

39. If you could look inside my heart, you would find your name written in every corner.
What is the name that is written in your heart?

40. There are so many things that cannot be judged without the heart, that if the heart fails, reason must necessarily unleash.
Alejandro Vinet, considers in this sentence about the heart that, although many times we want to leave our heart aside, we should judge everything from it.

41. The human heart is an instrument with many strings; the perfect connoisseur of men knows how to make them all vibrate, like a good musician.
Charles Dickens also reflected on the heart and compares it to a musical instrument.

42. The heart must be held secure; because when it is released it does not take long to lose your mind.
Friedrich Nietzsche writes this somewhat ironic heart phrase about how we sometimes lose our heads when we give our hearts to someone else.

43. Reason has taught me nothing. Everything that I know has been given to me by the heart.
Contrary to what we may think, sometimes we learn the greatest teachings from the heart. Heart phrase written by Leon Tolstoy.

44. My heart beats to the rhythm of your gaze.
And this perfect phrase for when we are falling in love and the look of the other accelerates our hearts.

45. Man has a heart, even if he does not follow his dictates.
We do not always pay attention to the heart, in spite of how loud it speaks to us. Phrase about the heart of Ernest Hemingway

46. ​​The madman's heart is in the mouth; but the mouth of the wise is in the heart.
A wise and beautiful phrase about the heart of Benjamin Franklin.

47. Look no further for my heart; the beasts have devoured him.
This phrase by Charles Baudelaire speaks about the crushes that have ended his heart.

48. My heart is like yours, neither more expensive, nor cheaper.
A phrase of heart that teaches us to respect the feelings of others and ours equally.

49. A heart is a wealth that is not sold or bought, but that is given away.
The heart is the most important and valuable thing we have and it is the only thing we can simply give away; This is stated by the French writer Gustave Flaubert.

50. You can have, in the deepest part of the soul, a warm heart, and yet it may be that no one comes to him.
The artist Vincent Van Gogh gives us this phrase about lonely hearts.

51. I will return so soon that you will not have time to miss me. Take care of my heart that I have left with you.
And we finish our list of heart phrases with this part of a dialogue written by Stephenie Meyer in his famous saga of books 'Twilight', specifically in the book New Moon. Because we have all ever left our hearts to someone else's care.

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