50 phrases for false and hypocritical people

It is inevitable to meet at some point in life with hypocritical and unreliable people. Some great personalities in history have left phrases dedicated to false and hypocritical people and how to react to them.

A person who has poor emotion management is usually a toxic person. And during various stages and circumstances of our life we ​​can have someone like that close to us, which becomes stressful and unpleasant.

Although the most obvious solution is to put land in between, sometimes circumstances do not allow it and we must continue to live with them. Some great personalities in history have left phrases dedicated to false and hypocritical people and how to react to them.

It is important to recognize and set our limits with false people. Otherwise they will affect us and lead us to conflicts that could be avoided. While this is not a simple thing, it can become an area of ​​opportunity for us and learn to deal with these types of people.

In these 50 phrases for false and hypocritical people there are some reflections of writers, thinkers or famous people about these types of people. Many others are phrases that can be shared to launch some hint waiting for it to work so that it moves away from you.

1. Better to be known as a sinner than as a hypocrite. (Proverb)
To keep bad actions to “look good” is to act with hypocrisy.

2. Envy is the suffering of those who will never become our true friends. (Anonymous)
A hard and very accurate definition of what envy is.

3. Those who criticize others often reveal their own shortcomings. (Anonymous)
When we talk badly about others, we are really reflecting.

4. And I who thought Judas had died... (Anonymous)
A sarcastic way of implying that someone has betrayed us.

5. The lies were delicious, I almost swallowed them all! (Anonymous)
A funny phrase to show that someone has acted with lies and falsehoods.

Fake people
6. You speak badly of me, and I did not even know you existed. (Anonymous)
To let another person know that the damage you are trying to do to us has not worked.

7. Freedom is the right of every man to be honest, to think and speak without hypocrisy. (Jose Marti)
A great phrase of this thought about that freedom is in us and our actions.

8. The "forever" of some, lasts the same as the battery of an iPhone. (Anonymous)
This phone brand has become famous for not lasting long, as have the promises of some people.

9. There are people who when they finish talking to you, the next minute starts talking bad about you. (Anonymous)
A very obvious characteristic of some people.

10. Whoever wants to be an eagle, fly. Whoever wants to be a worm, crawls, but don't shout when you trample! (Emiliano Zapata)
This famous character warns that everyone should assume the role they chose.

11. Good people bring us happiness. Fake people, experience. (Anonymous)
We must take with philosophy the presence of negative people in our lives.

12. Hypocrite: the man who murdered his parents and asked for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. (Abraham Lincoln)
A memorable phrase about the personality of hypocritical people.

13. Often a noble face hides dirty ways. (Euripides)
Appearances are deceiving, not always a kind face will be a sincere person.

14. Refrain from judging, because we are all sinners. (William Shakespeare)
People who usually criticize should remember that they have also made mistakes.

15. Live the truth instead of professing it. (Elbert Hubbard)
A famous phrase to throw a hint at a hypocritical person.

16. For people who want to ruin my life, calm down, I can do it alone. (Anonymous)
A fun way to make them see the people who want to harm us, that are not needed in our lives.

17. Cats say "meow", cows say "muu", and dogs say "I swear it is just a friend". (Anonymous)
A lot of sarcasm to show someone lying to us.

18. Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends can be your worst enemies. (Sara Shepard)
We cannot trust all people, we must be alert.

19. Never worry about those who hate you, better worry about those who pretend they love you. (Anonymous)
People who pretend to love us can hurt us a lot.

20. It is better to have one hundred enemies outside the house than one inside. (Anonymous)
The enemies must always be far from our life.

21. Those who criticize others often reveal their own shortcomings. (Shannon L. Alder)
When a person judges someone, he is evidencing his own failures.

22. Sincerity makes the smallest person of more value, than the most talented hypocrite. (Charles Spurgeon)
An honest and sincere person is worth more than any other that is not.

23. The secret of life is honesty and fair treatment. If you can fake that, you've done it. (Groucho Marx)
A funny phrase from Groucho Marx, this comedian who says truths disguised as a joke.

24. One should examine oneself for a long time before thinking of condemning others. (Moliére)
False and hypocritical people should remember to examine themselves, rather than hurt and speak ill of someone.

25. Being kind to others, just to give the image of being kind to others, goes against the purpose of being kind. (Anonymous)

Anything that is about pretending, even if it looks good, is dishonest.

26. Some people joke to tell you the truth, while others speak seriously to lie to you. (Anonymous)
You better talk to us with the truth.

27. One must be careful of a silent water, a silent dog and a silent enemy. (Jewish proverb)
This phrase warns us about staying alert to those who seem harmless.

28. If you can pretend sincerity, you can pretend anything. (George Burns)
A false and hypocritical person can easily lie about other things.

29. Being false is the new trend and apparently many are fashionable. (Anonymous)
A hint to launch it to all those who act falsely.

30. I prefer to surround myself with people who do not disguise their imperfections to surround me with people who pretend their perfections. (Charles Glassman)
Honest people who are not afraid to show their flaws, it is always better to have them close.

31. False friends are like your shadow, always by your side in the brightest moments. But none stands out in your darkest moments. (Habeeb Akande)
It is easy to realize who are true friends, when one is in difficult moments of life.

32. Friends ask you questions, false friends question you. (Criss Jami)
A way to distinguish who really appreciate us.

33. You are more false than "I start the diet tomorrow." (Anonymous)
With this funny phrase we can launch a very bold hint.

34. Life is about swimming against the current, in a sea full of hypocritical people. Be careful because some will try to sink you and others will grab you, making you shipwrecked. (Anonymous)
Living too long and without putting limits on hypocritical people, can drag us into negative attitudes.

35. There is no greater pleasure than hearing a lie, when you already know the whole truth. (Anonymous)
Discovering the truth and seeing how someone tries to lie to us can be very liberating.

36. The truth hurts, but the lie kills. (Anonymous)
We should always prefer the truth as painful as it may be.

37. They say that whoever loves you always comes back, that's a lie, who loves you never leaves. (Anonymous)
Honest and sincere people remain close to who they love.

38. Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence. (Toba Beta)
A funny phrase to share and note that we discover someone's falsehood.

39. The best way to live with honor in this world is to be what we appear. (Socrates)
We must aim to be integral people.

40. The only wolves we should fear are those who wear human skin. (George RR Martin)
Before we fear monsters or wild creatures, we must fear human beings who act falsely.

41. When you see a genuine person, you learn not to deal with false ones anymore. (Nima Davani)
Knowing and living with authentic people results in fleeing from those who are hypocrites.

42. Your only obligation at any time is to be loyal to yourself. (Richard Bach)
We should not seek to meet anyone, just be congruent with ourselves.

43. Your words mean nothing when your actions are completely opposite. (Anonymous)
What we say must be consistent with what we act.

44. We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves as we do with others. (José Emilio Pacheco)
A great reflection to think about judging someone as a hypocrite could be putting us in a similar situation.

45. Counting someone's sins does not make you holy. (Hussein Nishah)
A hint to make someone notice that being talking and judging does not take blame or defects on anyone who talks about someone else.

46. ​​Whoever hurts you makes you strong, who criticizes you makes you important, who envies you makes you valuable, and whoever rejects you does you a favor! (Anonymous)
It's not always about running away from those who hurt us, but about setting limits and learning a lot about what they made us live.

47. The tongue is like a sharp knife, it kills without drawing blood. (Buddha)
This great phrase of the prophet makes us reflect on how much words can harm.

48. Hypocrites feed on gossip, destroy themselves with envy and die without friends. (Anonymous)
A person who lives constantly in a false and hypocritical way ends up feeling very lonely.

49. Talking with a full mouth is ugly and with an empty head, worse. (Anonymous)
An ideal sarcasm phrase to share.

50. The bad thing about closed minds is that they always have their mouths open. (Anonymous)
A hint for those people who talk a lot but reflect little.

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