50 great Chinese Proverbs (and their meaning)

Proverbs that contain the ancient philosophy of this country. We have compiled 50 great Chinese Proverbs that talk about different aspects of life. You will surely find in several or in all a reflection that can be of great help in various moments and situations.
50 great Chinese Proverbs (and their meaning)

Since the other half of the world turned its gaze there, we have adopted and permeated our own culture with its disciplines, traditions and reflections.

For this reason, Chinese proverbs are even already well known and have become part of the culture and common sense of Western countries. And they have a wisdom so that they have no waste when we want to convey great life lessons.

The proverbs of each culture contain teachings that have been transmitted from generation to generation. Of course, China and its millenary history is no exception, it has among its popular culture a host of proverbs that you should know.

1. Before being a dragon, you have to suffer like an ant.
Before reaching high, you have to go through the misfortunes of starting from below.

2. Look for a light instead of cursing the darkness forever.
Faced with problems, we must not complain, we must find solutions.

3. Believing in dreams is spending a lifetime asleep.
We should not base our plans on unfounded dreams.

4. When you drink water, remember the source.
Always be grateful.

5. The cleanest and purest water falls from the blackest clouds.
Lessons that purify the soul are obtained from the most complex situations.

6. Too pure water has no fish.
You don't have to be perfectionists, it's not good either.

7. Love does not beg, it deserves.
We all deserve to be loved and we should not beg for love.

8. The man who does not know how to smile should not open the store.
If we are not fit for something, it is better not to do it.

9. Jade needs to be carved to be a gem.
Everything worthwhile requires work and dedication.

10. He who fears suffering already suffers fear.
We should not fear, because that paralyzes life and projects.

11. Silence is a great source of strength.
You have to learn to appreciate the silence.

12. Time is like the flow of a river: it does not return.
Time is one of the most valuable things we have and we must take care of it.

13. It is easy to dodge the spear, but not the hidden dagger.
We must be attentive to ill-intentioned people who hide.

14. A cabin is better to be happy in, than a palace in which to cry.
It is best to seek happiness over material things.

15. Who knows when to fight and when not to fight will win.
Battles are won with intelligence and not just fighting.

16. You have to climb the mountain as an old man to arrive as a young man.
The road must be traveled with caution and caution to arrive well.

17. Judging is a way to hide one's weaknesses.
Judging speaks more badly about us than who we judge.

18. Distance tests the strength of a horse. Time reveals the character of a person.
Having to wait is something that is very difficult for many people.

19. The innocence of a mouse can move an elephant.
Actions that seem small can trigger big things.

20. Opportunity knocks on the door only once.
You always have to take advantage of the opportunities.

21. The first time is a grace, the second time is a rule.
A Chinese proverb to explain what happens when we act similarly more than once.

22. Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.
A great proverb to help us find ourselves.

23. Blessings never come evenly, and misfortunes never come alone.
It is said that when something good happens you have to enjoy it because something good will not happen again at some time, instead when something bad happens, you have to prepare yourself because misfortunes never come alone.

24. The beautiful roads do not lead far.

Do not get carried away by mirages.

25. Parents who are afraid to set foot on the floor generally have children who stand on tiptoe.
What parents fear transmit it to their children.

26. Make those who are near and those who are far away happy.
Don't think about those who are far away, you better make those who are with you happy.

27. Talking a lot and getting nowhere is the same as climbing a tree to catch a fish.
Equally absurd in both cases.

28. Dig the well before you're thirsty.
You have to work for what will come and not for what is already here.

29. It is easier to vary the course of a river than the character of a man.
When a man is stubborn we should not try to change him, because we waste our time.

30. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work one day in your life.
If we dedicate ourselves to what we like we will never see it as a job.

31. Time is like the flow of a river: it does not return.
You have to treasure and value time.

32. The wise man does not say what he knows, and the fool does not know what he says.
Wise people are prudent, fools otherwise.

33. He who studies ten years in the dark will be universally known as he wishes.
He was referring to the students who were locked up in the monasteries for ten years and who when they left were recognized for their skills and wisdom.

34. He who is not a watering young man, when he is old in vain will mourn.
We must be cautious and judicious from youth to not regret it later.

35. The strongest and leafiest tree lives on what it has underneath.
To get high you have to have your feet planted on the ground.

36. Love is not about possession, it is about appreciation.
True love is not possessive, it only contemplates the growth of the other.

37. Enjoy only the pleasures of the moment.
You have to enjoy the present.

38. Give me a fish and eat for a day. Teach me how to fish and eat for life.
We must not give immediate solutions, we must teach to work for long-term and lasting results.

39. When three march together there has to be one to command.
It is always required that someone take the lead.

40. Who one day was stung by a vibrator, feels fear of a rope curled up for more than ten years.
Unpleasant events leave us marked for a long time.

41. Correct your mistakes, if you have made them, and beware of them if you have not made any.
We must accept mistakes and correct them and keep away from the possibility of committing them.

42. Love your neighbors, but don't get rid of the fence.
You have to trust others, but not too much.

43. The sparrow, despite its smallness, has all its viscera.
Anyone regardless of size, and especially small, has what it takes to live.

44. With the strong wind the resistance of the grass is recognized.
Difficult or complex situations are those that show us strong people.

45. Scalded cat, cold water flees.
When someone is distrustful, distrust everything.

46. ​​The glory is not in never falling, but in rising again every time you fall.
The important thing is to stand up to the defeats.

47. The tongue resists because it is soft; The teeth break because they are hard.
You have to be flexible to survive better in this life.

48. Spring is the key season of the year.
In the spring it is sown, for this reason it is that what is done at this time is key for the rest of the year.

49. Whoever commits many injustices seeks his own ruin.
The worst thing we can do is commit injustices.

50. Victory demonstrates what a person can do; His response in defeat shows his worth.
The true self of people comes up in the moments of defeat.

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