36 phrases of heartbreak and unrequited love

If you are suffering for love, these phrases and deep reflections will express your feelings well.
36 phrases of heartbreak and unrequited love

The way to find love is not always rosy; Sometimes it is rather a long and winding road of many encounters and disagreements that do not always end well and that can leave us with feelings of pain, sadness and disappointment.

The love and the search for our ideal person are a path full of lessons and lessons, which bring us closer to ourselves and find that person. However, the stages of heartbreak can be quite difficult to overcome, and this is demonstrated by the following heartbreak phrases.

If you are going through a love disappointment, either for lost, unrequited or impossible loves , and you have a knot of feelings that it is hard for you to understand and express, surely these heartbreak phrases taken from writers, artists, movies, novels and anonymous can do for you

In any case remember that every story and every person in our life are lessons that we learn and teach us aspects of ourselves. This phase will pass and the important thing is that you overcome the lack of love by loving yourself.

1. The strange thing is that not only does it rain outside, another enigmatic rain and no water takes us by surprise. It rains in the heart, it rains in the soul
The writer and poet Mario Benedetti makes this metaphor between heartbreak and rain to explain that avalanche of feelings that we have and that turns us off when we suffer a heartbreak.

2. Maybe we sympathized. But it only lasted a moment. Moments later we were again immersed in the most absolute solitude
With this phrase of heartbreak we see what often happens before ending a relationship and that can hurt more than the separation itself, when we have left each other while still in a relationship.

3. We spend time thinking about love, but time will allow us to spend love
A phrase about heartbreak very successful, because it teaches us that only time allows us to heal the wounds of a broken heart.

4. Find yourself, suddenly, empty-handed, With an empty heart. Shadow lost in the shadows, how to recover, remake you, life?
Many times, when we break up with someone and suffer a love disappointment , we feel that life is over, that we stay in the air without knowing how to continue; This is how this phrase of indifference to Pasa on Monday, a poem by Jaime Sabines.

5. A memory is something that warms your body on the inside, but that, at the same time, tears you inside with violence
The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami gives us this powerful phrase about the memories of that someone we once loved and the effect they have on us.

6. After the glory, there are other glories. After money, there is more money. But after love, Marcus, after love, there's nothing left but the salt of tears
Or at least that is what we believe immediately we suffer a heartbreak. However, there are memories, lessons, teachings and experiences that make us the people we are today. This phrase of heartbreak was written by the Swiss novelist Joël Dicker.

7. The bad thing about love is that when it is over, memory destroys you
Especially when the break is recent, the memory of that person and the relationship make the heartbreak hurt more; Fortunately, memory stops hurting over time.

8. And nothing was wrong, and nothing was strange that my heart had broken from using it so much
The Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano teaches us with this phrase the importance of loving and continuing to try to find love despite disappointments.

9. I guess sometimes it's your turn to be just a moment in someone's life
There are times when we cling to someone, at a time with that someone and try to prolong it as much as possible even if this is unsustainable. Sometimes he tells us to let go and accept that being with that someone corresponded to a moment and that you have to let it go.

10. Maybe it wasn't love, maybe it was that little need to feel something different. Something that will mark my life for a moment
Gabriel García Márquez gives us one of his heartbreak phrases that gives us a different view on relationships; Sometimes we believe that it is love when it is not and it is the attachment to that idea that hurts us more than the separation itself.

11. After all, computers break and relationships end. The best we can do is restart and breathe. So many roads, so many detours, so many options, so many mistakes. Nobody gets breakfast with diamonds and none lives unforgettable love affairs
What better phrase of heartbreak than that of the Sex in the city series , because it teaches us the importance of being able to continue with our path despite the relationship that ends. There will always be new opportunities.

12. Before our relationship we went to meet each other, but now we inevitably move in opposite directions
In Ana Karenina the novel by León Tolstoy, we find this phrase that talks about the inevitable, what, despite love and attraction, can happen and that there are times when each person's paths do not necessarily go in the same direction.

13. You know, a heart may be broken, but it still beats
How true in this phrase of love of fried green tomatoes, and what we often forget when we go through a love disappointment and that although it hurts, your heart is still beating and therefore can love again.

14. He erased her from the photograph of his life not because he had not loved her, but precisely because he loved her. He erased her along with the love he felt for her
Many of us would have liked to be able to do this in a moment of heartbreak, to erase all traces of love and the existence of that person we loved and with whom we are no longer, as in this phrase of heartbreak from The Book of Laughter and Forgetting Milan Kundera.

15. What kills me is not that you leave me, but that you want someone else
Nothing more painful than suffering for an unrequited love that will be dedicated to another person.

16. What for one person is a safe distance, for another it may be an abyss
The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami gives us another of his heartbreak phrases that represents very.

19. The attempt not to think of a person, makes it stronger in memory
Nothing more true than this, when we are trying to turn the page and not think about that someone, but all the effort we put into this task makes us think about that person even more.

20. Love is so short, and forgetting is so long
A love story, however short it may be, may represent something very big in our lives, hence forgetting to feel much longer than the duration of that story. So says the writer Pablo Neruda in this, one of his phrases of heartbreak.

21. How do you say goodbye to someone if you can't imagine living without him?
A phrase from the movie My blueberry nights that represents very well those moments when we know that it is time to start a relationship and yet you do not feel able to continue without that person by your side. If you are going through this, remember that you have the strength inside and that you need you first to be able to continue.

22. Many times the problem is that your heart refuses to admit what your mind already knows
We do not always put our heart and our love in the right place, and we deceive ourselves to continue maintaining the hope of an impossible love.

23. The memory of a lost love is the scars that are not seen at first sight
Loving disappointments are lessons that we have forever , teachings that have helped us to mature, to see life with other eyes and that make us who we are today, both in strength and in the insecurities we have.

24. Have you ever, when meeting someone, felt that it fills that hole that is inside you, and when it leaves, do you feel that painfully empty space?
This phrase from the movie I origins tells us perfectly about the emptiness that the loss of a love leaves, especially if it has been true.

25. What matters in life is not what happens to you, but what you remember and how you remember it
A phrase that helps us see heartbreak with optimism and what we choose to remember from that person who was at our side. At first the memories may hurt, but if you see it with gratitude and honor that love, the memories become less painful with the passage of time.

26. Only by feeling the agony of parting, is one able to understand the depth of love one feels
The saying goes very well "you don't know what you have until you lose it".

27. Those heart wounds will probably never heal. But we can't just sit and watch our wounds forever
Another excellent lesson of Haruki Murakami in one of his heartbreak phrases. We choose that we focus our energy and our gaze, whether on wounds and the past or on the present and things to come.

28. Heartbreak is adapting, you never forget someone you have loved, you just learn to live without that person
Every person who has become part of our lives has had its reason for being, and that is why it will always have a place in our memory, for better or worse.

29. Even the pain itself is not so heavy that the pain felt, by someone, for someone, multiplied by the imagination, prolonged by a thousand echoes
Milan Kundera writes this phrase in The Unbearable Lightness of Being that perfectly describes the pain of a heartbreak.

30. There are two types of people: those who are able to open their hearts to others and those who are not. You are among the first
Loving is an act of courage in which you open your heart and let the other person enter it, especially if you have already had a broken heart. If you are suffering from a heartbreak it is because you have dared to love. This phrase is from Haruki Murakami in his book Tokyo blues (Norwegian Wood).

31. The absence of those we love is worse than death and frustrates hope more severely than hopelessness
William Cowper is the author of this phrase in which we can see how many times what makes a separation more painful is the hope that this person will return, as we postpone the closing of that chapter of our lives; When that hope finally breaks, it hurts much more

32.The memory of the heart eliminates bad memories and magnifies good ones, and thanks to that artifice, we manage to cope with the past
Gabriel García Márquez teaches us with this phrase the importance of time and memory, of remembering the good and not the bad of that relationship to let go and leave it in the past , without this weighing us down.

33. You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer useful
Sometimes we do not attach to that person even though we know that love is no longer there, for fear of moving forward alone. Nina Simone phrase.

34. The important thing about love is that it be infinite while it lasts
Eduardo Galeano teaches us to celebrate love no matter what it lasts. We are fortunate to have ever fallen in love.

35. There is no love in peace. It is always accompanied by agonies, ecstasy, intense joys and deep sorrows
Another of the phrases of indifference of the writer Paulo Coelho that explains all the emotions that derive from love , teaching us that love does not remain intact and immutable  in time, but is accompanied by other feelings.

36. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved
We end with this phrase of heartbreak of Alfred Lord Tennyson to tell you that, although now you see everything black, the storm will pass and you will have the memory of a love and the fortune of having loved.

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