35 'positive body' phrases to love yourself and your body

Phrases to help you improve the relationship you have with your body and inspire you to love yourself as you are.
35 'positive body' phrases to love yourself and your body
We are always looking for information on how to change aspects of our body that we do not like because they do not conform to the standards of beauty that the consumer society in which we live has required us.

The truth is that the best way to "improve" our body is to change the negative way we see each other, to start seeing ourselves for who we really are: beautiful and powerful women.

Why should we love our body?

The 'body positive' movement is here to remind us that our bodies are perfect as they are and that beauty lies in each of our particularities. This is what makes us authentic! You are wonderful as you are and the security in this is what makes you perfect. Remember that your body is a vehicle and your environment, but not an object that defines you.

Here we leave you these 'body positive' phrases that we hope will help you improve the relationship you have with your body and inspire you to love you more.

Here are some phrases to reflect on the acceptance of oneself and their own body.

1. Your body speaks to you in sensations; feelings of tension, fear, hunger, pleasure, vitality and pain are just some of the ways he tries to communicate with you.
Phrase from the book Embody: learning to love your unique body by Connie Sobzack, which invites us to reflect on how our body is in constant interaction with us in a deeper way.

2. It is possible to find beauty in softness. It is possible to fall in love with a body that you never thought was worthy of love. It is possible to find peace after having spent a lifetime at war against your body. It is possible to recover.
Excellent lesson that Instagirl Megan Jayne Crabbe gives us after overcoming an eating disorder and that we should all integrate into our hearts.

3. The soul is the shape of an organized body, says Aristotle. But the body is precisely what draws this form, the form of the form, the form of the soul.
With this phrase from the book "58 clues about the body, extension of the soul", Jean-Luc Nancy offers us a different vision of how we normally see the shape of our body .

4. When all we want from a person is his body and, deep down, we don't want his mind, his heart or his spirit (all of them inhibitors of fluid machine processes), we reduce that person to one thing.
What happens when those who want only that person's body are nothing more or nothing less than ourselves? A very interesting comparative phrase by Stephen Covey

5. If you spend a lot of energy trying to demerit your body, or if your imagination is so limited that you cannot see beauty in yourself, then you disconnect from the world around you. You lose perspective and your purpose.
Another phrase from Connie Sobzack, driving force of the 'body positive' movement that shows us the negative effect of just focusing on seeing what we think is wrong in our perfect body.

6. The body is the instrument of the soul.
Aristotle's great phrase that very simply presents the body as our instrument and not our reason for being.

7. You don't owe anyone the perfect being. You are not worth less because you do not have a flat abdomen. Your value is not less because you do not shave your armpits. You are no less beautiful because you have scars, stretch marks, eczema, acne.
An excellent reminder that makes us the Instagirl Emily Bador. Another representative of the 'body positive' movement.

8. I met a second birth, when my soul and my body loved and married.
This reflection of Khalil Gibran translates into "What better than being in sync and not in constant struggle with ourselves?"

9. Body care with unalterable fidelity. The soul must see only through these eyes and if they are blurred, everyone becomes cloudy.
The writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe perfectly describes how our eyes see what we want. This phrase encourages us to decide to see ourselves in a better way.

10. Do not make your body the grave of your soul.
According to this phrase of Pythagoras, we can understand that to live only according to the aesthetic part of your body is to condemn your soul.

11. First of all it is necessary to take care of the soul if you want the head and the rest of the body to function properly.
Plato reminds us that it is based on yourself and who you are inside that you must live.

12. Your body is a temple of nature and the divine spirit. Keep it healthy; respect it; study it; Grant him his rights.
Under this sentence, Henric-Frédéric Amiel tells you: Love your body, it is perfectly designed as it is!

13. Imagine if all of a sudden everyone had decided that today was the day they loved themselves and embraced every part of themselves, accepting and loving their body and their “defects” because they know that it is these that make them who they are.
Morgan Mikenas is another instagirl representative of the 'body positive' movement that makes this reflection on the attitude with which we could decide to live a new day.

14. The outer beauty is nothing more than the charm of an instant. The appearance of the body is not always the reflection of the soul.
George Sand reflects on the ephemeral body and beauty in this beautiful event.

15. Now we know that the soul is the body and the body is the soul. They tell us that they are different because they want to persuade us that we can stay with our souls if we let them enslave our bodies.
Interesting proposition of George Bernard Shaw in which it shows what the standards of beauty established by society do to our souls and our bodies.

16. There is nothing weirder, nor more beautiful, than a woman being irreverently herself; comfortable in its perfect imperfection. For me, that is the true essence of beauty.

Steve Maraboli reveals the true secret of beauty.

17. Do you intend to drag your body again for yourself?
With this phrase Friedrich Nietzsche proposes to be the owners of our bodies. You dare?

18. A soul without a body is as inhuman and frightening as a body without a soul. By the way, the first is a rare exception and the second is our daily bread.
An interesting vision offered by the writer of "The magic window", Thomas Mann, on how is the relationship of our society with the body.

19. How do you get a beach body ?! It is simple. Have a body then take your ass to the beach.
Just as Kelvin Davis has said, it doesn't take more than that to show off a great body. Yours already is!

20. A body houses a life. And a heart caresses her.
Remember, the body is where you live; that's how José Narosky postulates

21. You can try to make a freakshow of me, but my voice and my message is much stronger than that. I have power in my voice.
Great lesson from Harnaam Kaur, who has not allowed his courage and his love for himself to be vanished by comments on his beautiful facial. She loves and respects herself as she is!

22. The soul, the body, the spirit: the first is the form of the second and the third is the force that produces the first. The second is, therefore, the expressive form of the third. The body expresses the spirit, that is, it makes it sprout outward, it draws its juice, it makes it sweat, it draws sparks and throws everything into space. A body is a deflagration.
Another reflection offered by Jean-Luc Nancy in his book "58 clues about the body" in which he teaches us how the body serves us to express ourselves.

23. Life is only bearable when the body and soul live in perfect harmony, there is a natural balance between them and they respect each other.
David Herbert Lawrence also insists on how important it is to live in harmony with our body.

24. My arms may not resemble the girl there or my legs may not resemble another person, or my butt, or my body, or anything, if someone has a problem, I look them in the eye and say: If you don't like it, I don't want you to like it. I am not asking you to like it.
The famous tennis player and multiple times champion Serena Williams teaches her little daughter to live by her own standards. A lesson that suits us all very well.

25. Beauty should begin in the soul and in the heart, otherwise, cosmetics are useless.
Coco Chanel dressed women and revolutionized women's fashion, always knowing where true beauty comes from.

26. I am in perfect balance. I am physically and emotionally connected and healed. I am free from worry and I am at peace with who I am.
Louise There is about one's acceptance and inner emotional balance.

27. I know that this transformation is painful, but you are not falling apart, you are only falling into something different, with a new ability to be beautiful.
William C. Hannan offers us this beautiful and very own reflection for those who begin to walk the path of the 'positive body'.

28. We are the only creatures on Earth that can change their biology by what they think and feel.
Our body is more than perfect as it is. However, Deepak Chopra perfectly abstracts in this short sentence how dissatisfied we are with ideas that have put us in the head.

29. Sexy is not a size, every calorie is not a war, your body is not a battlefield, your value is not measurable in pounds.
A statement to include in your day to day and learn to love yourself.

30. Losing weight is not the job of your life, and counting calories is not your soul's call, your insurance is destined for something greater.
In one way or another, achieving a "perfect" body is one of the objectives set by all of us. How are we measuring our value?

31. Do not let a mark on your body be a mark on your soul.
And another phrase to remind us that we leave the attention in the most ephemeral of us allowing our deepest side to wither.

32. A woman who does not like herself cannot be free, and the system has worried that women will never like each other.
Beatriz Gimeno reminds us that our self-love is our power and that we have renounced it for the material world.

34. The human body is nothing but appearance, and hides our reality. Reality is the soul.
Phrase to reflect on inner beauty Work on what you have inside!

35. Remember, body, not only how much you were loved, not only the beds where you were lying, but also those desires that, for you, in glances shone clearly and in the voice they shuddered.
And we conclude with this reflection of Constantine Cavafis remembering and thanking all the sensations and feelings that our body has allowed us to experience ourselves and those around us. Thanking his perfection and his company in the way we live.

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