100 phrases for photos from Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr

In this article you will find that phrase you were looking for to inspire and motivate you. Everything goes so that these phrases are more present in our lives and give us that extra reflection and desire to eat the world.

There are phrases that help us face life with a more positive attitude . There are many people who decorate their home with design elements that integrate some of these phrases such as posters, pictures or calendars, while others write notes in the closet, on the refrigerator door or in the mirror.

Everything goes so that these phrases are more present in our lives and give us that extra reflection and desire to eat the world. Social networks are no exception, and in this article we present the best 100 phrases for photos from Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. 

The 100 best phrases to share on your Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr photos
Combining a photo with the motivational phrase that we like in social networks is a very good idea so that we can have them well accessible . We can always access the platforms to remember their meaning in the most personalized way for ourselves.

At the same time, we allow our contacts and followers to know us more and show them our interests . Below we see a large selection of the best phrases to share on your Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr photos.

1. You have to decide what your top priority is and have the courage to say "no" to other things.
The immense wisdom that Stephen Covey treasured was partially transferred to us in his work, helping us lead a better life.

2. Experience is the teacher of all things
Julio César knows that learning is based on each person's personal experience in what they explain to you without having applied or experienced this knowledge.

3. Money can't buy life
Bob Marley was a person very faithful to his principles and understood perfectly that the best that life gives you and being alive cannot be had through money.

4. The worst fight is the one that is not done
Karl Marx reminds us that we must pursue our goals or be an activist of the causes in which we believe.

5. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger
This famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche encourages us to continue our daily struggles despite failures, which he perceives as a source that nourishes our resistance.

6. If you don't have critics, you probably won't succeed either.
Malcolm X was the great activist who fought for the rights of the black population, and encourages us to fight for what we want without fear of criticism. Understand that they are part of the process.

7. Of all the animals of creation man is the only one who drinks without being thirsty, eats without being hungry and speaks without having anything to say
John Steinbeck makes us reflect with this phrase, because many times our life is surrounded by a certain nonsense

8. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it's happened
For Dr. Seuss the lament is nonsense, because instead of suffering we could celebrate that something that was not going well is over and we can look forward again.

9. Happiness is a direction, not a place
The American journalist Sydney S. Harris invites us not to let us think that our happiness depends on being in a particular place or situation. We must discover it within us when we try to pursue our dreams.

10. You can fool everyone for some time. You can cheat some all the time. But you can't fool everyone all the time
Abraham Lincoln transmitted to us the need to bet on honesty and transparency as a way of life, because deception always ends up being an option that turns you against long-term

11. They can cut all the flowers, but they cannot stop the spring.
Pablo Neruda is a teacher of poetry, and through this phrase he expresses that despite the repression we must think about the power that goodness has.

12. Memories are the key not of the past, but of the future.
Dutch writer and activist Corrie Ten Boom expresses in this quotation the value of memories to face the future, and not as something that must always be linked to the past.

13. Life is a tragedy in the foreground, but a comedy in general
Charles Chaplin helps us put perspective on what we can perceive as dramas. In the end, life is not as transcendent as we often think and even laughs.

14. The only man who is not mistaken is the one who never does anything
For the German thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe it was clear that in life you have to make decisions and take risks; You can't try to do things without accepting that we can be wrong. At the same time, it is a message for all who criticize others without having the courage to try things on them.

15. Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working
Picaso expressed himself in this way, evidently leaving the conviction that things alone do not pull forward and that we have to strive for everything to function.

16. Men are mistaken; from crazy people persist in error
The politician, philosopher, writer and Roman speaker Cicero explains in this quotation that nothing happens to be wrong, but that we have to learn from mistakes. Who is wrong and does not change the way in which the evidence is carried out has a problem.

17. What worries you dominates you
The English empiricist philosopher John Locke is clear that worrying too much about things makes us a disservice.

18. You own what is silent and slave of what you speak
Sigmund Freud expressed with this phrase that when you speak you can be in evidence by screwing up, while if you say nothing nobody can question what you think.

19. Make love and not war
Simple and powerful. John Lennon was very clear that in order to live in a better world we had to love in any way possible.

20. Courage is knowing what not to be feared
Plato is very clairvoyant with this phrase, which expresses the importance of knowing against what is being fought. When we face something we don't know, we have many difficulties, but if we know it, we can find a way to do it much more easily.

21. Life is the flower of which love is honey
The great writer representing French romanticism Victor Hugo expresses with this metaphor the relationship between life and love.

22. We own our destiny. We are the captains of our soul.
Winston Churchill is the author of this highly motivational quote. Everyone who wants to take charge of his life has in these words a great inspiration.

23. Beauty is a promise of happiness
The sociologist and philosopher Edmund Burke implies that sometimes we seek happiness through what we perceive through beauty. Promises may not always be fulfilled.

24. A friend of all is a friend of no one
Aristotle helps us reflect on the fact that a person who always wants to be friends with everyone is not someone with whom we can make a good friendship.

25. Success has many parents, but failure is an orphan
In this sentence John Fitzgerald Kennedy said that when things are going well everyone is credited with the merits, while when things go wrong people do not want to relate what happened to their person.

26. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye
The American publicist and writer H. Jackson Brown expresses with this phrase that there are things that we know from what the heart tells us and not through the senses.

27. Violence is the incompetent's last resort
The great writer and disseminator Isaac Asimov gives us clairvoyance about one of the origins of violence in our world. Violence and reason do not seem to go hand in hand.

28. It always seems impossible until it is done
Nelson Mandela delights us with this phrase, which motivates us to pursue our dreams. If we look back, we can think of great milestones that before they happened would seem unthinkable.

29. Doubt is one of the names of intelligence
Renowned Argentine writer Luis Borges reveals that doubt is a sign of a deep analysis of a situation.

30. The most difficult is not the first kiss, but the last
Emotional pain and grief take center stage in this quote by French poet and playwright Paul Geraldy.

31. The secret source of humor is not joy, but sadness
The fantastic humorist and writer Mark Twain makes us reflect on the part of us in the humor.

32. Nothing has ever been achieved without enthusiasm
The American essayist, philosopher and poet RW Emerson shows through his appointment that you have to take things with enthusiasm to get what we propose, or simply do what we are excited about.

33. Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not a sum of what we have been, but of what we yearn to be
The Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset reflects on the representation we make of our own lives based on our aspirations.

34. Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud
The poet, novelist, civil rights activist, actress and American singer Maya Angelou encourages us to give love and be that light that someone expects to see.

35. Question everything. Learn something Do not answer anything.
One of the ancient great Greek tragic poets, Euripides , gives us a series of warnings to know how to take our lives.

36. The only source of knowledge is experience
Albert Einstein is very strong in this event, in which he praises the experience as the source of knowledge.

37. We are what we believe we are
The critic, academic and novelist CS Lewis expresses to us in this quotation that we act in consonance with what we think about ourselves.

38. Genius is the result of one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration
Constancy and sacrifice were non-negotiable for Thomas Edison if he wanted to reach the excellence of geniuses, despite the fact that people believe that talent determines everything.

39. The starting point towards any achievement is desire
The American writer Napoleon Hill believes that desire is what moves us towards our goals.

40. A smile is happiness that you will find right under your nose
Tom Wilson was clear; if we smile we have happiness and to do it is very easy; has no loss.

41. If we are not free, nobody will respect us
APJ Abdul Kalam was president of India and he has no doubt that respect goes through freedom and human dignity.

42. The great goal of education is not knowledge but action
The naturalist Herbert Spencer understood that the key to education has to go through practice or not and not through the study of the theory without applying.

43. Life contracts or expands depending on one's courage
The Franco-American writer of Cuban and Danish ancestry Anaïs Nin believed that the development of human potential needed doses of courage as an indispensable ingredient.

44. Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet and merge
The always rhetorical way of expressing Voltaire always contains a powerful message. On this occasion, Voltaire explains that there is no luck that can appear without previous work.

45. To get angry is to take revenge for the faults of others in oneself
The English poet Alexander Pope knew that we do not always know how to manage our anger and that in the end who suffers is ourselves.

46. ​​The only weapon against bad ideas are better ideas
Alfred Whitney Griswold understood that good ideas are the best ways to improve things.

47. Freedom is never given; is won
A. Philiph Randolph does not assume that freedom is acquired without more, one has to earn it.

48. Patience and time do more than strength and passion
Jean de la Fontaine gives us a dose of realism as does the story of the ant and the cicada.

49. There are always flowers for those who want to see them
The attitude of being positive is closely related to the philosophy of life of Henri Matisse.

50. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

Helen Adams Keller was the first deaf and blind person to have a college degree, and was a respected activist, writer and teacher.

51. The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up
The French writer Paul Valéry was very sharp on this date. Ns indicates that dreaming in our fantasies, without realizing that we have to take action, our dreams will be nothing more than dreams.

52. Where there is love there is life
Gandhi know how to give a great deal of inspiration when it comes to making sense of our lives with these few words.

53. Success depends on effort
Sophocles was very clear in making us understand that if we do not strive for something we will not get the rewards we want.

54. Integrity reveals beauty
Thomas Leonard defends that ethics and good work are the true beauty that resides in a person.

55. The more I train, the more luck I have
Gary Player , considered the best golfer of all time, should make us reflect on the prize he gives to train for a better life.

56. Brevity is the sister of talent
Anton Chekhov believes that the talented person is able to be brief and concise.

57. The most difficult thing is to know ourselves; the easiest is to speak ill of others
The Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus knows that speaking ill of others has no merit, it is worthy to be able to know oneself.

58. He who doubts and does not investigate, becomes not only unhappy, but also unfair
Blas Pascal knows that in order to be happy and complete people we have to investigate what we do not know and not live life in ignorance.

59. Where there is no fight there is no force
Oprah Winfrey strongly believes that the effort is what gives you the energy to pull forward.

60. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Leonardo da Vinci claims that the simplest option of things is the expression of the best of genius.

61. Adversity is the first path to the truth
Lord Byron did not conceive that the truth could be reached comfortably.

62. Life is a long lesson in humility
James M. Barrie understood that during life a person realizes that feeding the egos does not lead to anything good, but humility does.

63. The art of living is more like fighting than dancing
Marco Aurelio did not think that everything in life was pink, but that what one found were many difficulties.

64. We do not judge the people we love
The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre knew that loving our near beings is something very valuable.

65. Once we have accepted our limits, we cross them
Albert Einstein was also a genius when it came to creating quotes, because his words are really very revealing and inspire us.

66. If the road is beautiful, let's not ask where it goes
Anatole France advocated not complicating our lives too much with questions that really don't matter as much as enjoying what life gives us.

67. Nothing happens unless we first dream
Carl Sandburg understands that in life not everything can be improvisation. If we want to achieve great things, we must first allow ourselves to fantasize about our desires.

68. These are my principles and if you don't like them, I have others
The great humorist Gorucho Marx expressed in this phrase the great hypocrisy that reigns in the world playing with something theoretically as immovable in a person over time as its principles

69. Love is composed of a soul that inhabits two bodies
Aristotle shows here his vision about the nature of love.

70. To do is to be
Immanuel Kant gave us to understand, through this very short date, that taking action is everything.

71. We gain strength in the temptation we resist
According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, temptation has its benefits.

72. Success is easy to obtain. The hard part is to deserve it
Clearly Albert Camus believed that not all people who enjoyed success really deserved it.

73. Leadership is the ability to translate the vision into reality
Warren Bennis expresses that in order to lead, it is necessary to materialize ideas, download them to the real world.

74. Life is not a problem to solve but a reality to experience
The philosopher Soren Kierkegaard suggests an attitude to live; put aside the fact of worrying about understanding life in all its complexity and instead simply enjoy it.

75. Unfortunate he who sleeps in the morning
Hesiod advocates enjoying the moment and not worrying so much about the future.

76. Show respect to all people, but don't crawl before anyone
Tecumseh was a tribal chief to whom we owe this intelligent way of going through life.

77. There is a form of beauty in imperfection
Conrad Hall claims the greatness of that which is not perfect, because it contains a beauty that the perfect lacks.

78. The weak can never forgive
Gandhi was always a person who was next to the most disadvantaged.

79. We see things as we are, not as they are. Do we project our mentality on the things we perceive?
As the question raises, Leo Rosten would answer yes. The way we interpret reality is biased by our own way of understanding the world.

80. The man who has no imagination has no wings
The famous boxer Muhammad Ali believes that the human being is unleashed thanks to the imagination, because without it it is difficult to break the molds.

81. Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers
Voltaire thought that a person's greatness lay in his ability to question things rather than to give any kind of answer.

82. Wherever you go, go with all your heart
Confucius is the author of this advice, and gives us his opinion about the right attitude to go anywhere.

83. To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed frequently
John Henry Newman understands life as an evolution and progress, and perfection as the domain and acceptance of the nature of change as an essential part of life.

84. Change your thoughts and you will change your world
Norman Vincent Peale believes in the ability of reason to change our gaze.

85. Beauty is a fragile gift
In this quotation Ovid expresses that beauty is not something that can easily endure.

86. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them
Walt Disney believed that everything someone imagines can become a reality, but that an effort must be made to try to achieve dreams.

87. Each flower is a soul sprouting in nature
Gerard de Nerval showed his fascination and respect for all the plants of nature.

88. Life is the art of drawing without erasing anything
John W. Gardner makes this interesting reflection on our passage through life and the impact we leave of our existence in the world.

89. Only you can control your future
The Dr. Seuss believed that everyone has the ability to make decisions on itself to shape its future.

90. Sometimes, the only realists are dreamers
Paul Wellstone , about our ability to see things as they really are.

91. Freedom is nothing more than the opportunity to improve
Albert Camus , the great French philosopher and writer, makes us reflect on how we perceive freedom, because not everyone understands that freedom is this.

92. It is better to travel well than to arrive
For the Eastern philosophy of Buddha, the most important thing is to enjoy processes that only the mere fact of getting things.

93. Happiness can exist only in acceptance
George Orwell is considered for many the best English writer of the twentieth century, and his clairvoyance and intelligence is beyond doubt.

94. A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers
Plato knows that the numbers are relative and even manipulable, and that the basis of the decisions must be different. A broad knowledge of things allows us a good analysis (which obviously does not neglect the numbers).

95. When one teaches, two learn
This quote is from the American writer Robert Heinlein , who is aware that teaching is an excellent exercise to learn inside and outside the content in question.

96. Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.
Voltaire was a tremendously influential philosopher who opens our eyes to freedom. This resides within each human being.

97. No one can hurt me without my permission
Mahatma Gandhi expresses in this quotation with great wisdom that when we feel hurt it is in a way because we have decided.

98. A friend is a gift you give yourself
Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson knew that having a friendship is a treasure, a great benefit for ourselves.

99. Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing
The artist Salvador Dalí knew that success could not be based on innovation, and that the inspiration and even partial copy of something created by someone is part of the normal process of getting things done.

100. Where words fail, music speaks
The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen thought that music had the ability to convey certain things that would be impossible to translate by word.

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