100+ quotes on generosity in 10 categories

Quotes about generosity in 10 categories: happiness, lack of generosity, effects of generosity, essential, joy, ways of giving...

100+ quotes on generosity in 10 categories
Generosity, even a small amount, makes people happy. And those who think only for their own good are not as happy as the generous.
This was the conclusion of a neuroscience study conducted by the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zurich.
The result may not surprise many, after all, helping one's neighbor has always been known to bring happiness to a person that is beyond the reach of those who think only of their own interests. 
The researchers also found it interesting that increasing generosity did not seem to increase the feeling of happiness.

Category 1. The happiness of being generous

It is sweeter to give than to receive. Epicurus

The sweetest of all happiness is the one we share. Jacques Delille

Do you want to be happy? Give happiness. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The happiness we have come from the happiness we give. Édouard Pailleron

To know how to give, few know it, it is the secret of happiness. Anatole France

A life lived for the good of others is always a happy life. Braddon

No one is really happy until he has learned to be generous.

Give as much as you take and you'll be right. Give more than you take and you will be happy.

Happiness is a marvelous commodity: the more we give it, the more we have it. Suzanne Curchod

Every second we can help someone on this earth is a great happiness.

Being happy is wonderful, but it is even more wonderful to make someone happy.

It is not by seeking happiness, that one finds it, but it is by giving it. Charles Morellet

We earn our living with what we receive, but we build it with what we give. Winston Churchill

The big days are those where one sows, more than those where one harvests. Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy is the man who, at the end of his life, possesses only what he has given to others. Armando F.Aquierre

The happiest people are not the ones who own the most, but the ones who give the most. Jackson Brown Jr.

We are never so happy as in the happiness we give. To give is to receive. Abbé Pierre (Serving: Words of Life, 2006)

To give is a more lasting pleasure than to receive, because the one of the two that gives is the one that remembers the longest. Chamfort

Your share of happiness does not come from people and things to get to you, it always leaves you to go to others. Michel Quoist

I do not know your destiny. But I know, however, that if you do not find a way to be useful to others, you will not be happy. Albert Schweitzer

I prefer to give than to receive: it is as if my poor existence finally became useful and sublimated my human condition by pulling me upwards. Laurence Maron

Category 2. The effects of the lack of generosity

All that is not given is lost. Indian proverb

Everything you do not know how to give you owns. Gide André

The unfortunate are ungrateful; this is part of their misfortune. Victor Hugo

Only the imperfect ones look more to the gift than to the donor. St. Catherine of Siena

Whoever expects the superfluity to give to the poor will never give them anything. Chinese proverb

Do not judge every day the harvest you make, but the seeds you sow. Robert Louis Stevenson

When the gift is made for the purpose of personal gain, or celebrity, it is selfishness.

Category 3. The effects of genorosity

The very small gift produces great effects.

Generosity masks our imperfections. Hazrat Ali

Giving to the poor impoverishes no one. French proverb

Generosity is the key to all other virtues. Descartes

There is always a little perfume in the hand that gives roses. Confucius

Generosity allows one to free oneself from the overflow of one's individuality. Erik Pegani

The universe of a person is as big as his heart is good. Alfred A. Montapert

A small piece given to a hungry person is worth a packet given to the one who is no longer hungry.

It is when one has given everything, when one does not care for anything that one has everything. Jouhandeau

What you give to another person, you give to humanity as a whole.

The drop you give, you never know how big it can reach. Laurent Viens

As the river returns to the sea, the gift of man comes back to him. Chinese proverb

The fruit of love is the service; the fruit of service is peace. Mother Teresa 

When you give, you perceive more than you give, because you were nothing and you become. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What you keep for yourself, you lose it. But what you give will be yours for eternity. Axel Munthe

Of all our actions, only those we do for others are worth it. Lewis Carroll

If you do not feel that the thing you are giving you miss you, you have given nothing. We give only what we deprive ourselves. Victor Hugo (Philosophy prose)

We realize that what we accomplish is only a drop in the ocean of need, but a drop of water that would have missed the ocean if it had not been there. Mother Teresa

You represent something big and beautiful only in proportion to what you do for others. There, no one can diminish your true value. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The gift, even a small one, produces great effects; wealth, even great, does not do much good. Mipham Rinpoche (The Expanded Edition of the Complete Works of Ju Mi-pham Series, 27)

You do not know how your life can become rich and full; but on one condition: that you learn to open yourself, to give, to become more fraternal, more generous. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Offering a prosthesis to an innocent victim of anti-personnel mines is very much a change in the fate of a child or an entire family. Dr. Jean-Baptiste Richardier, co-winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize

Category 4. The essence of generosity

A beautiful soul receives giving. French proverb

The important thing is not what we are, but what we offer. Raoul Follereau

We can not receive what we did not give. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The way to give more account than the object you give. Lebanese proverb

To give without loving is an offense. Raoul Follereau (The hour of the poor, 1942)

Generosity is always self-sacrifice; it is the essence of it. Henry de Montherlant

A rich and generous man will necessarily end up choosing one of these attributes. Pierre Pandelé

One can see the value of a man to what he gives and not to what he is able to receive. Albert Einstein

To love is to give our preferences to those we prefer. Daniel Pennac (As a novel, 1992)

It does not matter if you have style, reputation or money. If you do not have a good heart, you are worthless. Louis de Funes

Category 5. The joy of being generous

No joy is equal to serving others. Sai Baba

Our deepest joy comes from knowing that we are useful to others.

There is pleasure in meeting the eyes of the one to whom we have just given. Jean de La Bruyère

If all men knew the pleasure of giving, there would be no rich. Chinese proverb

Few people understand the pleasure of giving of oneself. Try and you will see.

A soul can say itself generous, when it takes more pleasure to give than to receive. Knight of Méré

One can experience such joy in making someone happy that one wants to thank him. Henry de Montherlant

When I pay a debt, it is a duty that I fulfill; when I make a donation, it is a pleasure that I give myself. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

We have never lost our day when we have contributed for its part to make penetrate into a soul a little gaiety and light. Girardin

There are those who give little and constantly expect a reward. And there are those who give a lot with joy and this joy is their reward.

I slept and dreamed that life was only joy. I woke up and saw that life is only service. I served and understood that service is joy. Rabindranàth Tagore

A service rendered without joy enriches neither the one who makes it nor the one who receives it. But all goods and material pleasures dissolve into nothingness in the face of a service rendered in a spirit of joy.

It is good to give when you ask, but it is better to give by discernment, when you do not ask it; and for the open hand, to seek the one who receives is a greater joy than to give. Khalil Gibran (The Prophet)

Category 6. Ways to be generous

For some, giving is an art that is exercised without restraint.

The joviality of the face is as good as the generosity of the hand.

Give milk to the poor who asks you for water. Eastern proverb

We must give without remembering and receiving without forgetting. Brian Tracy

The way of giving is better than what you give. Pierre Corneille

Whoever hides his generosity is doubly generous. José Narosky

Give one so you can give to the other. Danish proverb

To know how to give, one must put oneself in the place of the one who receives.

He who has given be silent; that whoever has received speaks. Miguel de Cervantes

The most gracious of donors is the one who gives without being solicited. Latin proverb

The way a gift is given is often worth a lot more than the gift itself.

We received free, we must give free. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

For generous men, the whole world is one family. Sanskrit proverb (Hitopadésa - 9th century)

To give with ostentation is not very pretty, but to give nothing with discretion, it is not much better. Pierre Dac

To give, one must not expect anything in return and remain discreet to preserve the dignity of the recipient. Mazouz Hacene

To give a glass of water in exchange for a glass of water is nothing; true greatness consists in rendering good for evil. Gandhi

You give very little when you give your goods. It is when you give of yourself that you really give. Khalil Gibran

Whatever you have, one day will be given. Give now, so that the season of the gift is yours and not that of your heirs. Khalil Gibran

We must give time to his neighbor. Even if it's not enough, do something that will not earn you more than the privilege of doing it. Albert Schweitzer

Even after so many years, the sun never says to Earth: "You owe me something". See what happens with such love. He illuminates the entire sky. Hafez

It is said that for the pessimist, the glass of water is half empty while for the optimist, it is half full. However, the generous being sees a glass of water and watches if anyone is thirsty around him. G. Donald Gale

It is by your way of being, by your behavior that you must give to your neighbor and not necessarily with money or goods. Otherwise those who do not have it would be excluded from giving. Herbert Vollmann

It is not necessary to have a total mastery of oneself, a deep knowledge of the heart, to give to others. The gift stands on the surface of the lips, at the bend of a gesture. It is light to wear. He grows up in innocence and in the light. Dugpa Rinpoche

Practice this art of loving impartially, without asking yourself whether being worth it or not; you will thus experience the law of the strength of true love. As long as you love with measure, with particularity, you will always have a narrow and limited idea of ​​things. Peter Deunov

The gift must be made without expectation of personal gain, otherwise it is greed. It must be done for the benefit of the other, with kindness. In this way, the gift helps to weaken greed, hatred, jealousy, pride and develops purity. He opens the door to deep peace.

People have always imagined that distributive charity could be just a passage. To give is not enough. By locking the other in a passive situation, one kills it slowly. It may be essential to give, but then let's do it intelligently, let's make sure that people are mobilized around their own development. It's not the easiest. We must review our criteria of profitability, speed, give ourselves time to walk with people, convince them that their development concerns us. Pierre Levené

Category 7. Sharing and generosity

The more we share, the more we have, here is the miracle. Leonard Nimoy

The flavor of shared bread has no equal. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It is the one who has the least who always gives the most. Danish proverb

In all things, one receives only what one gives. Honoré de Balzac

The duty of the one who has received is to transmit in turn. Sar Peladan

Others have planted what I eat, I plant what others will eat. Persian proverb

Share your cake, it decreases. Share your roof, it does not diminish. Share your joy, it increases. Guilbert
Category 8. Wisdom and generosity
There is no profound wisdom without generosity.

There is no true wisdom without generosity.

Self-giving is a sign of inner richness.

Better to give the wool than the sheep. French proverb

You have to be fair before being generous. Nicolas de Chamfort

To give to the needy is not to give, but to sow. Basque proverb

The wise man knows that the more he gives to others, the more he has for himself. Lao Tzu

When there is room in the heart, there is in the house. Chinese proverb

The mind is enriched by what is given to it, and the heart, from what it gives. Victor Hugo

To love is to give. The greater the gift, the greater the love. Fernando Pessoa

Love grows in giving; the one we give is the only one we keep. Elbert Hubbard

Do not give in to any difficulty when it comes to doing good. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

What counts is not what you give, but the love with which you give. Mother Teresa

Giving love is a truly magnificent experience, it makes you an emperor. Osho

When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish. Confucius

The more love you give, the more your heart fills with love. Love is like an endless river. Amma

If you have many riches, give your good; if you possess little, give of your heart. Berber proverb

To know the value of generosity, one must have suffered from the cold indifference of others. Eugene Cloutier

Souls are not defeated by weapons, but by love and generosity. Baruch Spinoza (The Ethics, 1677)

The subtle inspiration associated with any act of generosity is totally absent from the gesture made for a material pleasure.

It is not only a question of giving something to live on, but of giving back to the poor people reasons to live. Abbé Pierre

True charity, that which springs from the heart, never asks in which hands will fall its alms. Queen Malouin

One possesses oneself only by giving oneself, one only saves oneself by consenting to lose oneself. Being is to the measure of the gift. Maurice Zundel

To give and to receive, to receive and to give, it is to weave bonds between the men to make one and large family. Pam Brown

You can never receive what you have not given: give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love. Florence Scovel Shinn

Sow the seeds of happiness, success, hope and love; they will all return to you in abundance. It's the law of nature. Steve Maraboli

It is often the friendship that gives birth and nourishes and maintains the most beautiful feelings of generosity of which the human heart is capable. Jean Boccace

The beauty that will save the world is generosity, sharing, compassion ... All these values ​​that lead to a fabulous energy, which is that of love. Pierre Rabhi

He who gives knows that good deeds do good and bad deeds do bad, he has the right view. Buddhist principle

You should never belittle the person who is asking for your help. On the contrary, it should be seen as a teacher who offers you the opportunity to develop your generosity.

It is one of the mythical laws of nature that the three things we seek the most, happiness, liberty, and peace of mind, are attained by procuring them to the other. Peyton Conway March

To be able to receive, you have to give. You must give generously knowing that you will receive, not give to receive, but give for love and accept to receive for love. Joéliah

To cultivate, to awaken generosity, it is also and above all to dare non-fixation: to no longer install the other in what he has been, not to freeze him in his acts, nor to reduce him to his errors, but the love for what it is. Alexandre Jolien

Far from being an instinctive inclination, love is a conscious decision of the will to go to others. To be able to love in truth, it is necessary to detach oneself from many things and especially from oneself, to give freely, to love to the end. This self-emptying (long-term work) is exhausting and exhilarating. It is a source of balance. She is the secret of happiness. John Paul II

Category 9. The generosity of our time

You give me time, it is the most generous of all gifts. Annelou Dupuis

The main gift we can give to others is our time. Jean Delumeau

The best gift you can give someone is your time, your attention and especially your love.

Since we have nothing more precious than time, there is no greater generosity than giving it without counting.

It is often believed that giving means offering gifts, but no gift is more precious than the time, attention and comfort we bring to those who need it. We do not care about these things until we need them. Joyce Hifler

Category 10. Other topics related to generosity

Generosity begins where justice ends. Edouard Herriot

The generous man even invents reasons to give. Publilius Syrus

Evaluate your wealth for the importance of what you give. Georges Duhamel

I would rather say that "He helped" that "He died rich". Benjamin Franklin

A concrete gesture of generosity carries more weight than all the good intentions of the whole world.

We only really possess what we are able to give. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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