100+ best optimistic quotes help you live more actively

Optimistic quotes. Optimism is, by definition, a positive way of looking at the future, even if the present situation is difficult or difficult. 

This is a way of saying that the day after tomorrow may be better than today, even if tomorrow is bad. Optimism is therefore based on hope (the opposite of despair, which affects both pessimists ...), but it also feeds on other forces: the conviction that we are not powerless in the face of future, as well as a certain self-confidence and ability.
Life is indeed a mine of surprises : even when we think long and hard to make a decision, it is always the result of incomplete information, which can therefore guide the results of our decision in a new way. Optimism is to believe that these surprises can be bad as they can be good.

1. To day:

Every day is an invitation to be happy.

Today, whatever happens, I choose to be happy.

In every day, there is something beautiful. You have to find it.

One small positive thought in the morning can change the color of a whole day.

In one minute, I can change my attitude, and this minute can change my whole day.

When I wake up this morning, I smile. There are twenty-four hours brand new in front of me. Thich Nhat Hanh

Taking the time to focus on the positive events of your day helps create confidence and optimism.

People throw balloons in the air to express their joy.

2. Consequences on oneself:

Perpetual optimism is a multiplier of strength. Colin Luther Powell

To conquer one's joy is better than to surrender oneself to sadness. Andre Gide

Spend time with positive people and you will become more positive.

Existence is of infinite richness and never ceases to offer us immense possibilities. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Give the world the best of yourself and it will give you the best in return. Madeline Bridges

If you do not get the thing you want, life will give you something better. Anonymous

Pessimism is in the mood; optimism is of will. Any man who lets himself go is sad. Alain (About Happiness, 1928)

A positive state of mind helps you not only to imagine what you want to be, but also helps you to become one. Wally Amos

The reason for being optimistic is that they feel alive; that of the pessimists that they look at themselves live. Edmond Thiaudière (The disappointment of the true, 1892)

Send optimistic and rewarding messages. Trust, peace, serenity, comfort, energy. Your subconscious saves. Dominique Clocheux

The optimist and the pessimist eventually die. But they both enjoyed life in a completely different way. Shimon Peres

Stay positive, even if those around you are not. Smile when others are trying to pull you down. Do not let the bitterness of others keep you from being yourself. Anonymous

Hope is the belief that one can find the means to accomplish one's goals and develop the motivation to achieve them. The optimist does not give up quickly: with the hope that he will succeed, he perseveres and succeeds more often than the pessimist, especially in adverse circumstances. Matthieu Ricard

3. Consequences on others:

Our optimist is a ray of sunshine for oneself and for everyone we meet. Anonymous

The world belongs to the optimists, the pessimists are only spectators. François Guizot

Optimism is a form of courage that gives others confidence and leads to success. Baden-Powell (The Road to Success, 1922)

The person who sends positive thoughts acts positively on others and draws positive results to them.

When your outlook on life is optimistic, you are bringing all souls around you, giving them hope, faith and belief in life. Eileen Caddy

We must preach on life and not on death; spread hope, not fear; and cultivate in common joy, true human treasure. This is the great secret of the wise and it will be the light of tomorrow. Alain

My friends, love is a hundred times better than hatred. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let's love, keep hope and stay optimistic. And we will change the world. Jack Layton

4. The future:

Every moment is a new beginning.

Winter always turns into spring. Nichiren Daishonin

Every day, I'm getting better and better in every way.

And if instead of waiting for the worst, you expect the best?

Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer. Ernest Holmes

What is waiting for you is far more wonderful than what is behind you. Eileen Caddy

Live for what tomorrow is going to offer you, and not for what yesterday you have taken away.

We can not really progress without the conviction of a better future.

The best years of a life are those that have not yet been lived. Victor Hugo

Whatever things have gone with the past, the best is always to come. Lucy Larcom

If I were told that the end of the world is tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree. Martin Luther King

Optimists enrich the present, improve the future, challenge the improbable and reach the impossible. William Arthur Ward

The optimist takes things as they do not come; the pessimist as they could come.

To remain positive is to believe that life offers us beautiful promises and that these last ones will amply compensate for the inescapable difficulties of existence.

Optimism is a conquest, a choice of life, a decision at a given moment, that we can take or not to take to make sense of everything that happens to us.

5. Evolution:

Good things are coming on your way. Just do not stop walking. Robert W. Painter

Only the one who searches for spiritual goods can be truly optimistic; while he who concentrates on material goods, even if he is at first hopeful, will one day be compelled to give up his illusions. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

You are born with potential. You are born for kindness and trust. You are born with ideals and dreams. You are born to accomplish great things. You are born with wings. You are not made to crawl, so do not do it. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly away. Rumi

6. Beliefs and hopes:

The optimist may be mistaken as much as the pessimist. But he is happier.

Optimism is the road to success. Nothing big is done without hope or trust. Helen Keller

For the optimist all is well. Disorders, stupidities and absurdities are part of the harmony of life.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in each opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in each difficulty. Churchill

The optimist believes that a tear is surrounded by two laughs and the pessimist thinks that laughter is surrounded by two tears. Jacques Caron

True optimists are not convinced that everything will be fine, but they are convinced that everything will not go wrong.

Your success and your happiness lie in yourselves. Make the resolution to remain happy, and your joy will be a real shield against the difficulties. Hellen Keller

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it does not pay to be discouraged. Keeping yourself busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself. Lucille Ball

Let's keep smiling and life will appear brighter. Our optimism will give us confidence and give us the impetus to act effectively around us. Brother Derotteleur

No matter what you live, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may seem difficult to get there, but you can do it, just keep working towards it and you will find the positive side of things. Half Lovato

7. A wonderful world:

I find this life beautiful and rich in meaning.

We live in the middle of the extraordinary.

All in all, life is an extraordinary thing. Cioran

Every day is a new chance that life gives us.

Think of all the wonders that surround you and be happy.

The most beautiful days of our life are those that remain to live.

All events are chained in the best of all possible worlds. Voltaire

How many people do not see and die ignoring that the world is full of wonders?

Tomorrow will not be like yesterday, it will be new and it will depend on us. It is less to discover than to invent. Gaston Berger

Optimists proclaim that we live in a world full of possibilities. The pessimists are afraid that this is true! James Branch Cabell

The ultimate optimism is to understand that every moment that flows is a treasure, in joy as in adversity. Matthieu Ricard

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best possible world, while the pessimist fears that this is not true. James Branch Cabell

Why, in this life, not being an optimist who always looks for the best, always finds the best, always creates the best?

If I had to start my life again, I would try to make my dreams even bigger, because life is infinitely more beautiful and larger than I would have thought. Georges Bernanos

8. Our thoughts:

Everything is arranged under the influence of a laughing and optimistic thought. George Sand (The story of my life, 1855)

Train your mind to see what is good in each situation.

Always think "I can" and never think "I can not".

The pessimism of knowledge does not prevent the optimism of the will. Antonio Gramsci

The years gradually teach every man that the truth alone is wonderful. Maurice Maeterlinck

You will do everything much better with positive rather than negative thoughts. Zig Ziglar

To think positive is to water the mind at rest with positive messages, bringing hope and fulfillment. Estelle Lozano

As soon as you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you start to get positive results. Willie Nelson

There are only two ways to live one's life; one acting as if nothing was a miracle, the other acting as if everything was a miracle. Albert Einstein

Everything is a question of attitude: one must impregnate one's mind with positive thoughts in order to hope to take advantage of that strength that lives in each one of us. Norman Vincent Peale

When the mind once made the habit of constantly feeding itself with happy, happy and encouraging thoughts, it can not do otherwise. If our children could acquire this habit, the orientation of our civilization would change very quickly, and we would make immeasurable progress. Orison Swett Marden

9. See the good side:
Take everything that happens to be for your good. Swami Râmdâs

Keep your face always towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. Walt Whitman

Seeing the evil is easy. The challenge is to keep our attention on the bright side, whatever happens.

The optimist never refuses to see the negative side of things; he just refuses to linger. Alexandre Lockhart

The optimist looks at the rose and does not see the thorns; the pessimist looks at the thorns and does not see the rose.

Positiver is seeing the best that is in all things, in all things, and taking them into account in order to transform oneself. Jean Gastaldi

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will add value to your efforts. Herm Albright

I prefer to live in optimism and to deceive myself, to live in pessimism for the sole satisfaction of being right. Milan Kundera

I learned that you can almost always see the bright side, as long as you make the decision to do it. Lucy Maud Montgomry

You can be sorry that roses have thorns, but you can also rejoice that thorns have roses! Tom Wilson

We have to fight against what stands in the way of positive ideas: this is what prevents us from taking events on the right side. Dr. Jacqueline Renaud

To be an optimistic man, one must know how to see all that is good in his life and know how to close his eyes on all that is negative in his life.

There are people who spend their lives sabotaging every positive situation, while others see things in a positive way even when they are in a bad situation.

An individual who has faith in life and is convinced that everything that happens is beneficial, even if appearances are quite different, will develop a confidence and positivity that will only support and nurture that belief and trust. The more we perceive the positive of existence, the more life seems beautiful and luminous.

That everything you undertake be whole heartedly from the smallest and most ordinary work to the most difficult and complicated tasks. Be ready to accept real challenges in life and never be afraid The more we perceive the positive of existence, the more life seems beautiful and luminous.

That everything you undertake be whole heartedly from the smallest and most ordinary work to the most difficult and complicated tasks. Be ready to accept real challenges in life and never be afraid of them. When confronted in the right state of mind everything can happen. Change your way of seeing and you can open the door to a flow of very positive and very creative energies for your whole being. Become aware that you can change and change very quickly, but it depends on you. Eileen Caddy

10. Other

As much as foolish optimism, that is to say, inactive, is a foolishness, so optimism, the companion of effort, is legitimate. Daudet Léon

Being optimistic is a moral duty. Karl Popper

Humor is the adrenaline of optimists. Serge Uzzan

Listen to the forest growing rather than the falling tree. Friedrich Hegel

To love intensely is correctly, it is inevitably to be optimistic.

The optimist goes from one joy to another. The pessimist goes from one disappointment to another.

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist? An optimist laughs to forget, but the pessimist forgets to laugh. Tom Bodett

Being optimistic is very easy when you have a faithful friend whose messages of friendship are reasons to believe in humanity.

Optimism and enthusiasm should not be confused. Optimism fuels the flame of energy, but enthusiasm only makes a splash of straw.

Optimism is also to say that there is sadness in life, misfortune. To say that everything is fine, that everything will be okay, is not optimism, it's stupidity. Cédric Klapisch

Optimism is the most realistic attitude for people who have faith. For a child of God, optimism is what is reasonable. It's not about being irresponsible or dreamy, to think that everything will be fine whatever we do. It is certain that there are and will be difficulties; but it is also true that God loves his children. And that's all. 

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