100+ best nature quotes will help you love nature more

100+ best nature quotes will help you love nature more share quotes about nature, nature quotes sea, nature quotes short,  nature quotes funny...

100+ best nature quotes will help you love nature more

When we talk about nature, we want to talk about the world as a whole, but without considering what man has put in it and the transformations he has made. 
It therefore includes the whole universe, all natural phenomena such as the winds, the tides, the race of the stars, so it also includes matter, plants and living beings, including man as a he is also a living being.
In short, nature is the whole of reality, but removed from all that man has done or added to it, that is to say removed from all that is artificial. 
Nature is the real thing less artificial. Nature is everything that exists independently of man and his interventions while the artificial is all that exists by man, which would never have happened without his interventions.
Everything seems simple: the nature we are trying to define here is nothing more than the whole of reality removed from the artificial, and we can distinguish the natural from the artificial by their respective origins natural beings have for origin or cause nature while artificial things have for origin or cause human intervention. No need to go further. 

Nature does things well. French proverb

All art is an imitation of nature. Seneca

Wisdom never contradicts nature. Juvenal

Go take your lessons in nature. Leonardo DeVinci

It is from nature that everything that is perfect comes to us. Pindar

All that is according to nature is worthy of esteem. Cicero (De Finibus)

The poet understands nature better than the man of science. Novalis

What remains eternally incomprehensible in nature is that we can understand it. Albert Einstein

All the efforts of a human brain could not come to know the nature of a simple fly. St Thomas Aquinas

Walking in nature is like being in an immense library where each book contains only essential sentences. Christian Bobin

It's beautiful, it's healthy, it's pure; it helps to live that of walking slowly in the nature and to admire the flowers of the fields, the birds, the clouds, the sky and the life.

Nature, inexhaustible treasure of colors and sounds, shapes and rhythms, unequaled model of total development and perpetual variation, nature is the supreme resource. Olivier Messiaen

The breath of the air, the runoff of water, the growth of cereals, the swaying of the sea, the greening of the earth, the brilliancy of the sky, the glitter of the stars, that's what I think is great. Adalbert Stifter

The show of nature is always beautiful. Aristotle

The beauty of nature awakens and fills the senses. John O'Donohue

There is no recipe for beautifying nature. It's only a question of seeing. Auguste Rodin

The mission of art is not to copy nature, but to express it. Honoré de Balzac

Beauty is born of man's gaze, but man's gaze is born of nature. Hubert Reeves

Nature is neither moral nor immoral, it is, radiantly, gloriously, amoral. Theodore Monot

Is it in the bouquet that the flower is more beautiful, or in the meadow where it grows? Henry David Thoreau

Nature always, according to the conditions at her disposal and as much as possible, the most beautiful and the best things. Aristotle

Nature is eternally young, beautiful and generous. She has the secret of happiness, and no one knew how to take it away from her. George Sand (The Devil's Pool)

The sun is wonderful, the rain is refreshing, the wind is strengthening. There is no bad weather, just different kinds of good weather. John Ruskin

Man will never find an invention more beautiful, simpler or more direct than nature, because in his inventions nothing is missing and nothing is excessive. Leonardo DeVinci

Beauty is everywhere in nature: the smallest flower, the harmonious reflections of light on the surface of the water, the tranquil strength of the majestic trees, all radiate the natural beauty of the world.

Nature has this unique power to appease us.

Nature rejoices me, regenerates me, makes me feel good.

Whoever cultivates a garden, cultivates happiness. Chinese proverb

It is impossible to progress in spirituality without loving nature.

The flower is ephemeral in my eyes, but it is eternal in my heart.

Gardens and flowers have the gift of bringing people together. Clare Ansberry

We believe in looking at nature, but it is nature that looks at us and permeates us. Christian Charrière

The hope of the future, he is in nature and in men who remain true to nature. Félix-Antoine Savard

All the trouble that modern life has for us is due to the fact that there is a divorce between nature and us. Isaac Asimov

When one looks at the creation, a kind of mysterious music appears under this splendid geometry. Victor Hugo

If nature had been comfortable, man would never have invented architecture. In the open air, I prefer houses. Oscar Wilde

The source of most of our problems lies in the gap between man's way of thinking and nature's way of doing things. Grégory Bateson

From a wooded landscape emanates a serenity and an established majesty which penetrate the soul, enchant, elevate and fill it with noble inclinations. Irving

We thought that liberation from nature was a guarantee of our intelligence and our power. But the more you get out of nature, the more you become vulnerable. Nicolas Hulot

I love everything about nature, even what goes for ugly and sad, even winter and storm. I do not blame myself, I do not feel the need to criticize, I enjoy stupidly, I admire madly. Victor Hugo (Philosophy prose)

To be in harmony with nature is to listen to one's soul.

The purpose of life is to be in harmony with nature. Zonon of Citium

But Nature is there who invites you and who loves you. Immerse yourself in her bosom that she always opens to you. Lamartine (The Valley)

Nature is not for us; nature is part of us. We are one family. Native American proverb

As we change our view of nature, we change our destiny. Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov

Go often to collect yourself in nature! Then you will be able to understand the works of men. Charles Ferdinand Ramuz

Advance smoothly to the rhythm of nature, in agreement with her, because her rhythms are perfect. There is a place for everything and everything has its place.

Deepening our emotional connection with nature is just as essential to our well-being as maintaining close ties with our family and friends. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Our goal must be to free ourselves from our prison by expanding our circle of understanding and compassion to embrace all living creatures and nature in its great beauty.

We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves. Andy Goldsworthy

Adopts the rhythm of nature, his secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature is a universal and safe teacher for the observer. Carlo Goldoni

It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that the human race does not listen. Victor Hugo

Life is nothing but uninterrupted exchanges between man and nature. Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov

Nature ! We live within it and do not know it. She speaks to us constantly, but does not betray her secret. Goethe

Interacting with nature, whether feeding a bird, caressing a cat, or walking in the countryside, helps make us happier.

Nature does nothing in vain. Aristotle (Metaphysical)

Nature never deceives us; it is always us who are wrong. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Nature takes no part, nature is impartial. You receive its fruits according to your actions. SN Goenka

True wisdom consists in not departing from nature, but in molding our conduct on its laws and its model. Seneca

The great secret of life is to learn to live in harmony with the laws of Nature. The laws of Nature are the divine universal laws and are there to guide the human. Is the human not an integral part of Nature? Abel Allen

Nature instructs us and rewards us with the harmony, the pleasure, the well-being, the use of the things we need for our conservation and development. It warns us and punishes us, of the abuse of these things, by the disharmony, the pain, the malaise, which are only an excess, an exaggeration of pleasure. Auguste Guyard

Reason deceives us more often than nature. Vauvenargues

We do not sell the land on which people walk. Crazy Horse

The relationship between humanity and nature must be made of respect and love, not domination. René Jules Dubos

Man is a simple element, constitutive but not necessary, of Nature and in no case his master. Romain Guilleaumes

We must draw our rules of behavior from the natural world. We must respect, with the humility of the wise, the limits of nature and the mystery they hide, recognizing that there is something in the order of the living which obviously exceeds all our competence. Vaclav Havel

You will find much more in nature than in books.

Nature provides the wind, but the man must raise the sails.

Nature, to be controlled, must be obeyed. Francis Bacon

If we take nature for guidance, we will never go astray. Cicero

All the problems that humans seek to solve have their solution in the great Book of Nature. Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov

The bee is honored because she works not for herself alone, but for all. Saint John Chrysostom, in "Homily to the people of Antioch"

Whoever plants trees loves his neighbor. Thomas Fuller

Those who love flowers have a heart that looks like this flower. Shinto proverb

We live too much in books and not enough in nature. Anatole France (The garden of Epicure)

The work of nature is much more difficult to understand than the book of a poet. Leonardo DeVinci

Contrary to popular belief, there is less disorder in Nature than in humanity. Edgar Morin

Until man can reproduce a blade of grass, nature can laugh at its so-called scientific knowledge. Thomas Edison

Human nature will not flourish, any more than the potato, if it is planted for generations in the same soil that is running out. Nathaniel Hawthorne

The one who has sailed and who has known the calm of a sea of ​​oil, but who has also been able to observe the force of the ocean when it is unleashed, that one, can not doubt the power of the elements. Sergio A. Orlandazzi

Despite the natural attraction to those who resemble us, it is often with them that we have the most disappointments. Mikhail W Ramseier

If death is natural, since no one escapes from it according to the order of things, it does not conform to our nature, since it manifests a lack, a tearing away. Sébastien Lapaque

The nature of the man is initially good and generous. It is the injustices of society that drive him to selfishness and cruelty. We must become innocent again as children. Amos Oz

Nature often gets itself a caricaturist success. Henri Bergson

You for whom nature is cruel and precious time, that love is a warm and animated cordial. Charles Baudelaire

Nature has not made each of us similar to each other, but different from aptitudes, and peculiar to this or that function. Plato

Human nature will not flourish, any more than the potato, if it is planted and replanted for generations in the same soil that is depleted. Nathaniel Hawthorne

Just see nature to understand. Nature obeys the laws of nature. But man does not want to obey the laws of his nature. He refuses to wait, he desires everything, right away. Hence his disappointment, especially in the area of ​​love that requires so much delicacy, patience, and respect for such slow outbreaks! François Garagnon

Formerly nature, huge, powerful, unpredictable like a big person next to a child. We loved her, we feared her, we had secrets with her. She was good but, at any moment, could slap you a slap. Today, nature is weak; she's a crap in a small car. The man is obliged to feed it, to torch it, to push his cart. Jean DutourdJean Dutourd

The great convulsions of nature are sublime, but the poor painter can only entrust to his memory the frightening impression of these tormented waves. One must not even try to hold a piece of paper to chew or indicate by a stroke the memory of these furious waves. Eugene Boudin

Man plunders nature, but nature always ends up taking revenge. Gao Xingjian

Nature is a prodigious draftsman and an incomparable colorist. She made the sky and its clouds; she made the earth, her rocks, her trees, her flowers, her beetles, her hummingbirds and her peacocks. Victor Cherbuliez

Nature does not grant any right - human invention necessarily artificial - it only endows with those strengths and weaknesses that make up the powers and the submissions, the victors and the vanquished. Alexandre Dirikenne

A society which finds it natural to stifle so many feminine intellectual energies with domestic chores and the upbringing of children is its own enemy and does not even notice it. Elena Ferrante

Nature is the glass that reflects God, as the sea reflects the sun, too glorious to be seen in its sphere. Brigham Young

The true horror of nature is to sincerely prefer paintings to landscapes and fruit jams. Edmond and Jules de Goncourt

Nature does things without hurry, and yet everything is accomplished. Lao-Tzu

The nature of the man is not to kill lambs or to break stones, but to circulate a rose in the hand. Jean Giraudoux

Human nature is neither good nor bad, but open to continual transformation and transcendence. She has only one thing to do, to discover herself. Marylin Ferguson

You're the shame of nature, I hope at least you know it. movie The Ice Age

All the dead are natural. - And his wife ? You're not going to tell me it's a natural death? - Naturally. Skull smashed with a hammer. We die. Naturally. movie The city of the unspeakable fear

It is in the nature of women to charm their present troubles by constantly having them in the mouth and on the lips. Euripides

It must be recognized that nature is very artistical. The law of contrasts, she practices it; in a big way, like everything she does. Jules Verne

Nature loves to hide from our eyes. Heraclitus

Perhaps it is in human nature to regret missed things, instead of appreciating those to come. Hope requires more effort than memories. Pierce Brown

If by nature, man is a beast of sex, I always had pets. Mae West

In nature, there is neither reward nor punishment, but consequences. Robert Ingersoll

Nature is said to abhor the void, but it is false. It is the human being who hates emptiness, and who wants at any price to fill all these doubts by explanations. We forget that the interrogation is open to the heart and mind, while the exclamation point is an end in itself. Bertrand Piccard

Nature created pleasures, and man excesses them. Joseph Sanial Dubay
There are many inspirational nature quotes and sayings and we have compiled the best quotes about nature and beauty that will certainly give you an uplifting feeling and to keep your day motivated.

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